My Sunday Photo - David Walliams at BGT

As Britain’s Got Talent draws to a conclusion, my 15-year-old daughter was lucky enough to get tickets to one of the midweek shows. She chanced her luck during the break by asking David Walliams for a picture.


Apparently, they weren’t supposed to ask the BGT judges for photos, but that didn’t stop my overly-confident daughter.  Despite seeing her favourite performers go out, she had a great night.

She and her friend Liv asked and received, proving that it’s sometimes easier to seek forgiveness than to ask for permission. Something we could all learn from.

It’s a great photo of Liv and Charisma, though I can’t decide whether David Walliams looks constipated or whether it’s just a bad photo of him.

Charisma and Liv with David Walliams at BGT

Charisma and Liv with David Walliams at BGT

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