Let the kids be kids! 

You may have seen it mentioned across social media already, but what is Let The Kids Be Kids all about? This is a guest post from Marina about the campaign.


On 3rd May 2016 many parents and carers across the country are holding a STRIKE in support of our schools and teaching staff.

Many teachers find teaching and having to get children to pass certain standardised tests a measure of their own capability to teach.

Many have left the profession as this isn’t how they thought teaching would be when embarking on their vocation. Ofsted regulates everything including how our children should be taught and what levels they should be learning.

Pressure from them to pass these criteria often leads to our children feeling like failures as they don’t conform to set standards. Our children are nothing more than lab rats and we want to allow them to be allowed to be being taught in play-filled and fun learning environments without these added pressures for both students and staff.

On this strike day, we aren’t using it as a ‘bunk-off’ school day but a day to learn without the confines of restriction.

Many mums, dads and carers are taking their children out to join in local organised learning events all over the country and I’ve chosen to organise one for Ely, which is my area.

A map of the organised events:

I’m hoping as many people who chose to turn up will do so. We will be collecting natural materials to make a natural collage… or if it’s bad weather we will bring wellies to see how it feels to jump and play in the mud. Many are choosing to take their children out to learn at home also.

This will be our strike as we hope Nicky Morgan will hear our voice and implement changes. If you moan and whinge about how worried your child is about learning or the fact they don’t get enough time to play - look at the page and please pledge your support!

You need to be active, how else can we effect change?? If you’re a working parent and aren’t able to bring your child out you can also use a template letter in support of what we are doing - pass it onto your teacher and show them you support them.

Nicky Morgan Education Secretary - Secretary of state for education

Nicky Morgan - Secretary of State for Education

I’m sure everyone can remember the passion a teacher had when they were young.  Personally, I remember many names and many instances that make me smile and I know they really enjoyed their job. How many of our children will be able to say the same when they’re older?

This strike is NOT about the lack of faith in schools, teachers aren’t to blame for the way things are they are so limited with how they have to teach and this limits how our children learn.

Use May 3rd to educate your child in a different environment. Take them to the seaside to collect and identify different things.

Take them to locally organised events. Show them the buildings around where you live. There is so much around us to get them to learn without realising and without pressure to do so. Our children are only young for so long, let the kids be kids for the day.

Thanks, Marina.

That’s helped me to understand what is happening with Let Our Kids Be Kids and why, and I’m hoping it has helped everyone reading too.

There is a list of Let The Kids Be Kids events happening on 3rd May and it’s growing rapidly.

There is also information about what you can do if you want to help.

by DannyUK


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