FIFA 16 cheat - Boost youth players in FIFA Career

There’s a FIFA 16 cheat that came to light recently which allows you to boost youth team players and to get a higher overall for them. It is ideal for FIFA Career Mode.


This seems to work for both XBox One and PS4. I’ve put a walkthrough below, but also attached a YouTube video showing you the stages of how to boost youth players in FIFA 16

    • Always make sure you are towards the end of the month.
    • Make sure you are on the calendar on the main screen and press X and A together. (The square and X buttons on PS4)
    • If you press them at the same time it will bring up your save game screen. Just save your game as you normally would.
    • Once it has saved it will take you back into the game and will have fast forwarded to your next match day. You’ll have new emails, but you can ignore these for now.
    • Exit out of the game WITHOUT SAVING. (You do this by pressing B on the XBox One or Circle on PS4)  This will take you to a pre-game screen.
    • Simply choose to “Continue Game”.
    • This re-loads the game and will take you back before the end of the month again.

You’ll have all of the emails that were sent to you before you re-loaded (so if your scouts send their reports at the start of each month, you’ll have a new list of youth players each time you do the cheat.)

FIFA 16 cheat - Boost youth players in FIFA 16 - Nico Galliford

The improvement in one youth team player…

It also gives your youth team players a small boost which they tend to receive at the end of each month, but by utilising this cheat you’ll get that small boost over and over again.

FIFA 16 Career Mode cheat - Boost youth players in FIFA 16 - Patricio Estrada

… and the improvement in the other youth team player.

There will be times when your main squad training will be reloaded too, which means you get a double boost with them too. This only happens if there is enough time for them to finish their training before the day of your next match.

If you have any other FIFA 16 cheats, hints or tips, put them in the comments below!

by DannyUK


FIFA 16 cheat - How to boost your youth team players in FIFA16 career mode

Original wallpaper from, with thanks

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