Review: Vax Dual Power Pro Advance W85-PL-T carpet cleaner

I love Vax. Whilst everyone else in the known universe seems to swoon over Dyson, I started with a Vax, tried a couple of Dysons and wasn’t impressed, and am now back with Vax. This is the first Vax Carpet Cleaner review that I’ve done though.


Once again a large company has come up with a catchy name for their product. The Vax Dual Power Pro Advance W85-PL-T carpet cleaner W85-PL-T, to be precise. It’s been referred to as the pet vacuum in my house simply to differentiate it from the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner that we have used in the past.

If you’re shopping about for it, though, the W85-PL-T is the important bit as there are other (very similarly-named) Vax products that differ slightly to this.

Review: Vax dual power pro advance carpet cleaner w85-pl-t

Vax - Before assembly and after

First impressions.  Well after reviewing the Vax Air Cordless and using it for almost a year, the Dual Power Pro Advance feels heavy.  I don’t think that is a reflection on the carpet cleaner, but more of a statement of how light the vacuum cleaner is.

The second noticeable thing is the cord.  I’d forgotten how liberating being cordless was.  Fortunately, although the carpet cleaner comes with a cord, it is 9m long, which is plenty to get you around each room.  Living in a flat I can plug it in centrally and reach just about every corner without needing to plug it anywhere else.

The Vax comes in separate parts which need piecing together.  It’s fairly easy to do and takes no more than a minute or so.  Once it’s put together, there’s no need to ever separate the pieces again, which is handy.

Using the machine is fairly easy too.  It’s well worth following the instructions the first time you use it, but after that, you won’t need to refer to them again.  You fill up one side with warm water, the other side with carpet shampoo, make sure that you have the nozzle turned to “wash” and you’re ready to go.

Vax Dual Power Pro Advance review - Rinse and Wash

Don’t forget to turn the dial to “Wash” otherwise you’ll have no shampoo mixed in!

The wash and rinse function ensures that there is no excess soap or shampoo left once you’ve finished cleaning.  The only thing I would say is that it’s extremely easy to forget to switch the nozzle over, and I’ll admit to cleaning the bathroom carpet using only the rinse function (in other words, just water, without shampoo).

I then had to redo the carpet with the wash function to make sure it was clean.  A quick tip:  When you are using the wash function, you’ll be able to smell the shampoo.  If you can’t smell it, check you’re on the correct setting.

There is also a stretch hose supplied which comes with a “SpinScrub” hand tool which enables the washing of upholstery and makes cleaning the stairs easier as you don’t have to clamber up them with the machine.

There is also a trigger on the top of the machine which applies a boost of solution for tough stains, though it’s easy to get a bit trigger-happy.

The Vax is designed in such a way that the top tank has two sections - one for warm clean water and one for shampoo.  The bottom tank collects all of the dirty water, and has a built-in float which prevents the tank from overfilling.

If the bottom tank collects too much water, the float automatically stops the machine sucking in more water, and you’ll notice a definite change in noise when this happens.

You may also be surprised at just how much dirt comes out of your carpet.

Vax Dual Power Pro Advance - Dirty water

I’ve tweaked the contrast on this photo to make the tank stand out against the background but trust me when I say the water really was that dirty.

The Vax Dual Power Pro Advance W85-PL-T also comes with a 6-year guarantee, which is fantastic.

I gave it a test run on the carpet near the kitchen.  It’s one of the most widely used sections of carpet in the flat, but even after a single wash it looked much better.

Before and after using the Vax Carpet Cleaner

Overall, you can’t go wrong with the machine.  I’m a massive Vax fan and make no bones about telling everyone, and Vax have once again made a machine that is sturdy and does an excellent job.

Carpets are left almost touch-dry thanks to the powerful suction which draws out the soapy water from the carpet and the machine is easy to assemble and use.

If you’re looking for down points then the machine is rather noisy (as you can tell from the YouTube video).  It’s heavy too, though no heavier than any other carpet cleaner.  In fact, it’s just 9.5kg compared to a standard Rug Doctor which is 15.9kg.

The cost of the machine is £249.99 retail price, though Amazon currently have the Vax carpet cleaner for £199.99 and Vax themselves beat this price by 3p!  It’s a big outlay for something that you’ll use no more than twice a year, but the difference it makes to the cleanliness of your carpets could be all the persuasion you need to invest in one.

You can buy the Vax Dual Power Pro Advance carpet cleaner w85-pl-t through Amazon, and don’t forget to get your Vax carpet shampoo too.

by DannyUK


I was given this product for free in exchange for an honest review. A full disclosure policy is available on the website.

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