A frustrating week 

It’s been a frustrating week, to say the least.


After having the kids all weekend just over a week ago, I then chose to drive straight to Merseyside to spend some time with Mrs DannyUK.

With nothing in the diary for a week, it was an ideal time to spend together.

I arrived on Sunday evening and the first two or three days were great. Then I seemed to come down with some sort of cold or lurgy which I seem to be holding on to even now.

It wasn’t enough to confine me to bed, but it was certainly enough for me to be throwing Beecham cold and flu tablets down my neck like they were going out of fashion.

It was also enough to restrict what we were doing.

Good Friday was gorgeous, and we ended up driving to Neston on the Wirral where we had lunch at the beautiful Hinderton Hall. It brought back some memories for Mrs DannyUK who had spent many years working there in a previous job.

Red phone box amongst the trees. Not ideal if you’re colour blind. #HindertonHall #RedPhoneBox

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The weather held up as we went for a stroll around, avoiding the boy racers who seemed intent on making the most of the warm weather too. Naturally we ended up in Costa before heading home.

The following day was free of plans and we mused about possibly going over to Liverpool or doing something different, only for me to wake up feeling like death and knocking out any vague plans that we did have.

Sunday was spent with the in-laws, which is a new experience for me. I’ve never been a massive fan of spending entire days with extended families, but the girlfriend’s family do this all of the time, and in truth it was nice to be invited along and accepted into the fold.

Plenty of tablets were taken throughout the day which seemed to keep me upright, but by the time we arrived home at 9.30pm I was ready for bed.

The sister-in-law had provided food throughout the day and had cooked for fifty rather than the six adults and three kids that were there, and I had done my best to eat everything but in truth didn’t come close.

As Monday came about I made the decision to go home. I was acutely aware that I was still feeling rough and probably wasn’t fun to be around. I also knew that Mrs DannyUK was back at work the next day and for some reason the stepkids were back at school then too. On the Wirral, the decision was apparently made that the Easter holidays should be the week after Easter, oddly.

Blurry Liverpool - Part of a frustrating week

I tried taking some photos in Liverpool but ended up with lots like this. All part of a frustrating week!

As I write this I am back in Chelmsford. The drive home was dull, though fairly uneventful, and I had the worst nights sleep I’ve had in ages.

I am due to start my new job on Thursday but this morning kicked off with a phone call from my new manager to say that they haven’t yet had the references back from two of my previous companies, and so the starting date looks like it will be delayed.

My job for today is to chase my previous two companies and see if I can get things moving. One is a big bank, so I just need to chase through the HR team who no doubt have it sitting amongst a pile of other stuff.

The other company is one that is pretty much dead in the water, who don’t seem to be responding to anything at all, and I’ve no idea what I’m going to do about that one.

As I say, it’s been a frustrating week…

by DannyUK


A frustrating week header - photo credit: www.amenclinics.com with thanks

A frustrating week header - photo credit: www.amenclinics.com with thanks

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