Nothing to say 

There’s no worse feeling as a blogger than having nothing to say.


Sure, I could sit here and bash out a few hundred words about nothing in particular, and sometimes that can be productive, but I don’t think I’m even in the mood for that.

Not that it stopped me trying, of course…

Dinosaurs - The rubbish I write when I have nothing to say

The rubbish you type when trying to motivate yourself to write something…

I had the kids over the weekend, and although that wasn’t stressful (apart from a falling out with Aaliyah, my 13-year-old after she hadn’t tidied up the flat as she had been asked, and then had the gall to act all cocky over the phone about it), I feel a little in limbo.

I’m due to start my new job at the end of this month, but they are having problems getting references from my previous companies. I can’t say I’m surprised. My last company, in particular, were abysmal at anything paper-related, and since letting me go in December they seem to have been on a downward spiral. They’ve closed and moved offices, they’ve shed more employees and basically look as though they will be wound down soon.

Of course, that makes providing a reference for me quite low on their list of priorities. This is no doubt made worse by the ongoing and protracted battle where I am threatening to take them to court for not paying me correctly.

My concern is that if my new company don’t get adequate referrals on time, then I won’t be able to start work. At the moment, that’s all I want to do.

In the meantime, I have made the most of my last week of freedom by hot-footing it up to the Wirral to see Mrs DannyUK. She’s working all week, but it means we’ve had the nights together, and though she is out at the ballet tonight with her sister, she is off work tomorrow and Good Friday, so we will have some time together then.

When I’ve not been writing, I’ve tended to be tinkering with other bits and pieces on the blog. In many ways, it’s like buying an old car. I’m always trying to retune the engine or polishing the paintwork if I’m not driving it.

This week I’ve been trying to drive up social media views. Unfortunately, that is very dull and doesn’t help bring on any enthusiasm to write.

So here I am, sat in Costa, on the Wirral, desperately trying to think of something to say.

But I have nothing.

That won’t last, though, I promise… What do YOU do to get yourself writing again?

by DannyUK


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