Bearded Backchat with Geraldine from Jog on Mum 

Bearded Backchat is a chance for me to interview PR people and fellow bloggers. This week is Geraldine from Jog On Mum.  Geraldine has been blogging for under two years and as well as being a stay-at-home mum she is studying a BSc!


Jog On Mum Header -'s Geraldine

Who are you?

I am Geraldine Miller and I am the Marvellously Mad Mummy behind Jog on Mum.

What is your “day job”?

I am a stay at home mum – but I am also a student with the Open University studying part time for a BSc in Computing and IT.

When does your BSc finish, and how are you going to use it?

If I continue part time I should finish my degree in 2020 all being well - which I’m aiming to do as currently have an idea for a business I’m thinking of starting to run part time alongside my studies - still early in the pipeline to say much more yet, but my sister is currently helping me to design my logo!
Afterwards it depends how my own business is going - otherwise I’d be looking to get a job back in Data Analysis, preferably part time!

You mean you have - wait for it - 2020 vision!  😀 What is your blog called and where can we find it?

My Blog is Jog on Mum and you can find me at

What’s your blog about?

My blog is quite eccentric – I think it would be described as parenting and lifestyle, but I do write about whatever comes into my head and I think would make an interesting blog post, be this about a day out, a blogging event, photography, my favourite clothes brand (Joe Browns if you’re wondering), making my kids birthday cakes etc – hence my tagline – “The Musings & Mutterings of a Marvellously Mad Mummy!” 

I love the alliteration there!  Why did you start blogging?

It initially started as I was going to record my journey in taking up running – why I started, how I started what steps to take, but it’s developed in to exponentially more than just that. 

Why do you still blog?

I like sharing things with the world, and as someone that suffers with anxiety and constantly having a hundred things running around my head, sometimes being able to get them down in a blog post is rather therapeutic. I think my blog is really my unpaid therapist!

How has blogging changed since you started?

I’m not entirely sure as I’ve only been blogging a year and half, and I am still learning! Still trying to get my head around SEO, DA, Page views, Analytics, no follow links and all that malarkey!

Would you count your blog as a job or something fun to do in your spare time?

I supposedly do it for fun – but do feel myself getting frustrated when I have about 5 different blog post ideas in my head, but no time to get them completed (or started for that matter) – especially when editing my photos and adding in all my hyperlinks – but there’s nothing quite like the feeling of hitting publish! Maybe it’s really an addiction I have… haha! 😛

The MADs and BiBs blog awards are just starting up nominations - Are there are categories that you are hoping to be nominated for?

I’ve never really thought about blogging awards personally - so not actually considered being nominated myself! I have voted for fellow bloggers though!

Where do you get the inspiration to write a blog post?

I’m inspired by other posts I read – especially list ones.  There are also ideas that just come into my head, or activities I’ve done either by myself or with the kids which I think would make an interesting read, they then just go round and round my head until I get them written down!

I’ve also started a weekly write up of the boxercise class I attend – it helps me remember what activities we’ve done and helps share the class too.

Bearded Backchat with Jog On Mum's Geraldine from fame

Geraldine from Jog On Mum

If you could recommend three other blogs to read, what three would you recommend and why?

Mrs Ayla’s Adventures - - I haven’t been travelling an awful lot in my life – so like to live vicariously and read what Mrs Alya has been up to.

Brummy Mummy - - Extremely funny take on parenting and it’s wonderful to know that you’re not alone in this mummying (and daddying) business. She’s also wonderful at replying to comments!

Hels Bels - - The blog of my very good friend and the fitness blog I like to follow – her posts are fun, amusing and a very good read!

What is the single best thing that has come about as a result of your blog?

Getting to go to Joe Brown’s head office in Leeds and trying on some of their fabulous clothes – I had such a good time!

What would be your perfect blog post?

It would be very exciting to interview someone famous – oooo, wouldn’t it be great to get invited along to one of the Avengers movies – I’d be a very happy girl meeting the likes of Chris Evans, Robert Downey Junior or Tom Hiddleston

Out of those three Avengers, who would you most like to meet?

That’s a killer question! Can’t I just meet all three!?! ok, I’d love to meet and chat with Tom Hiddleston, love him as Loki and think he’s a phenomenal actor - obviously we’d get on so well he’d introduce to me to all the other cast anyway!!! Haha!!!

What can you recommend to other bloggers to increase the traffic to their sites?

No idea – still trying to figure that one out myself! If I knew I would definitely share! I’m guessing it’s creating great regular content and sharing it via all your social media feeds!

Which brands do you enjoy working with?

I’ve not worked with many brands at all – I have only worked with Joe Browns and absolutely love them, such a fun company and great clothes.  Would definitely work with them again!

Everyone has that one company that they have always wanted to work with but have never quite been able to. Who is yours?

Other than Joe Browns, I’ve not really thought about brands I’d specifically like to work with! I would quite like to work with maybe H&M or Topshop when it comes to clothes. 

What is your own personal favourite post on your site?

This one -

I wrote this quite some time ago – but it is still one of my favourite posts.  I was quite apprehensive as to what response it was going to get, so was exceptionally nervous when I published it, but it received a lot of positive reaction, it was lovely to connect with my readers and other parents. It was even netmums blog of the week – which was so exciting!

Whose blog would you love to be featured on or write a guest post for?

I don’t know – anyone who’d actually like me to write for them!? This isn’t something I’ve overly considered, but again this might be because I’m still rather new at all this!

I see from your Instagram feed that you’ve had an accident.  What happened?

I’ve actually broken my ankle! I was at my weekly exercise class, just jogging up and down the hall when I turned to run back so my foot was sidewise but I still had forward momentum - my left ankle went under me and heard a crack A noise that I won’t forget in a hurry! Great timing with Easter holidays looming and a

Great timing with Easter holidays looming and a six-year-old and four-year-old to look after! Grateful that I have really supportive friends and family!!!

Ouch! Lastly, if you were to interview another blogger, what question would you ask that I haven’t asked here?… 

What would be your dream profession?

… And what is your answer to that question?

I would have love to have got into acting, I have absolutely no idea if I would have been any good, but when I see a show in the West End I sit there thinking ‘I would love to be doing that’ – especially a musical as I love to sing.  Not a practical profession now with two small kiddies though!

Thanks, Geraldine!

You can catch up with Geraldine in all of the usual places: Facebook: and Twitter:  Don’t forget to visit the Jog On Mum blog too.

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