Please vote for me! BiBs 2016 & The MADs 2016 

Every year the blogging community goes into a frenzy when nominations open for the main blogging awards. I’m not normally bothered by them, but this year please vote for me in the BiBs 2016 & The MADs 2016


If you’re not sure what they are, let me explain.

The BiBs 2016 are run by BritMums and are officially called “Brilliance in Blogging”. They are designed to nominate bloggers who excel in certain fields.

Although they don’t have any prize money attached to either award, there is prestige and bragging rights and for once I am keen to get involved.

So… please nominate me!  Details are below.

Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2016

You can nominate me in the BiBs2016 using this form.

The first page asks for your basic details such as name and email address.  Only once you’ve completed this can you move on to the nominations:

BiBs awards nominations 2016 - Please vote for me in BiBs 2016

The second page page has the list of 12 nominations that you can make.  You have to do a minimum of one nomination, though there is no need to do more than that if you don’t want to.

My blog fits into the Social Media category and Writer category.  It also asks for the URL of your favourite blog post.  Ever keen to help, here is a list of a few different posts of mine that you may wish to consider:


Once you’ve filled in the details (as per the screenshot below), you click submit and you’re done!

BiBs awards nominations 2016 - Please nominate me!

MAD Blog Awards 2016

There is also the MADs 2016 awards. This one is run by Tots100 and is for Mum and Dad bloggers.

You can nominate me for the MADs2016 by clicking here.

You’ll be asked first of all for your nomination for blog of the year (for example !) and an email address on a page that looks like this:

MAD Blog awards nominations - Please vote for me in the MADs 2016

Oooh, that looks like a brilliant blog to vote for!

Once you click “Next page” you’ll be asked if you want to nominate the blog for any other categories, or if there are any other blogs that you want to put forward.

If you’re wondering, fits into the Best Lifestyle Blog and Best Writer Blog categories.  Please feel free to put me forward for those!

MAD Blog awards nominations - Please vote for me in the MADs 2016

So many different ways to nominate a blog!


Tots 100 Awards

by DannyUK


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