Being ill, to-do lists on Google Keep and a busy week

As if the boredom of not working isn’t annoying enough, I’ve also managed to contract a stinking cold which has made my head stuffy and my brain not work.  Being ill doesn’t suit me, but I’ve got some to-do lists in Google Keep to help me focus.


That means that the latter part of the week has been spent surrounded by used Kleenex tissues, discarded cold and flu tablet packaging and with a strong smell of Vicks Vaporub in the air. Not that any of that seems to have helped.

The horrible feeling of being ill was made a little better thanks to receiving a care package through the post from Mrs DannyUK.

Care Package - from a article

Ahhh, a token of love from Mrs DannyUK

Aside from being ill, this week’s annoyance has been people not responding to emails. Even with a simple yes or no. If I’m asking for info, I’m not doing it for fun, people. Come on! Get things sorted!

The down time from not having a job (rapidly coming up to 3 months now. Eek!) has meant I’ve been split between days where I can’t be bothered to do anything and periods where I have amazed myself at my productivity.

I’ve taken to keeping to-do lists in Google Keep which I update weekly. The idea was that working through a list would inspire me to get things done. The reality is that it just adds to the guilt feeling when I have days when I’m doing nothing.

Google Keep to-do list saving me from being ill - from a article

Google Keep to do list - That reminds me, I haven’t written up the Bearded Backchat post for tomorrow…

I have managed to set up a new Instagram for the blog, though, which is something I’d been meaning to do for weeks since I found out that Instagram were adding multi-account user interfaces to their apps. Subsequently, I’ve been trying to build up the following on that account whilst keeping the original account more private, as it was supposed to be when I opened it.

Work wise, I got the job that I applied for a few weeks ago. It’s field based and makes use of my new CeMAP qualification, and is the only role I saw advertised that seemed to tick all of the boxes.

I had to jump through a few hoops to get it, including an introductory phone call with HR, a phone interview with a regional manager, a face to face interview with the same guy and then a second interview with him and his boss.

I knew that I was bringing a lot of good qualities with me, but the fact that I am newly qualified and without experience in the role itself meant that I was unsure whether I’d be offered the role.

Fortunately, I was, and as long as all references come back ok I should start at the end of March.

And therein lies the problem. If the references come back ok.

I’m in the middle of a protracted argument with my former company who have underpaid me what I was owed when I left.

Although I know they aren’t allowed to give a bad reference, they are just as likely to give one that says so little it speaks volumes, or refuse to give one. It’s a shame as I loved the job and was extremely good at it.

The other issue I have is that one of my previous companies is no longer in existence. Quite how they will get a reference from there is beyond me, though when I worked at the bank, they seemed to be happy with the references collected so perhaps I am over thinking that.

Back to today, I’m writing this on a Saturday morning. My 15-year-old has changed her paper round and started working for another newsagents. Before, she job-shared with a friend which meant the weekends she was at mine, she didn’t need to deliver the papers. Now she does. Which in turn means a 6.45am wake up call for me so that I can drop her off, only to return an hour later to pick her up.

I live a thirty-minute walk from the shop, but only five minutes by car. If we were closer, she’d be walking there, but we’re not, so I’ve agreed to take her when she’s at mine.

I was going to go home and go back to bed but instead I have parked up outside the last house on the route and am waiting patiently for her and her 9-year-old brother who - bizarrely - wanted to get up early to help his sister.

Next week is looking to be massively busy for once, as I’ve managed to persuade new work to let me pop in for a couple of days mainly to observe what’s going on. I figured it showed willing if nothing else. Besides which, I am bored silly sitting at home.

I’ve also got a YouTube event to take the kids to on Tuesday evening, a visit from Geordie Steve on Wednesday and acting as a taxi for my OAP mum who has a hospital appointment. Busy times.

by DannyUK


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