How to use StumbleUpon to get more page views

If you run a blog, you’re likely to be keen to get your content read by as many people as possible.  So if you’re wondering what is Stumbling, and how to you use Stumbleupon easily?  StumbleUpon seems to be gaining popularity so I thought I’d put together a guide on how bloggers can use StumbleUpon to get more page views.


To start…
Before you can start adding pages to StumbleUpon, you need to make sure you meet their criteria (which fortunately is an easy thing to do):

You must meet the following criteria before adding a page to StumbleUpon:

  • Your account must be over 24 hours old

  • You must set a Profile picture

  • You must have a minimum amount of Stumbles

In other words, sign up at StumbleUpon, throw up a picture and start stumbling.  The good news is that you can start stumbling straight away.  What is Stumbling?  Stumbling simply means looking through suggested web pages.

Stumbling simply means looking through suggested web pages.

What is Stumbling? Add interests to StumbleUpon (How to use StumbleIUpon)

Adding interests to StumbleUpon - Taken from

But how does StumbleUpon know which pages to show you?  You need to tell it by adding some interests.

To add a new Interest to StumbleUpon:
  1. Go to the Follow page.
  2. Select the Interests tab.
  3. Browse the available Interests via the tiles displayed in the All, Recommended or Popular Interests views.
  4. You can also enter a specific Interest or keyword into the Explore Box to find an Interest you’d like to follow.
  5. Click the link that reads FOLLOW on an Interest to add it to your current Interests.

You can also click the Add Interests button on the Home page.

How do I add new links to StumbleUpon for others to enjoy?

You install the StumbleUpon toolbar and click the thumbs-up button…

StumbleUpon StumbleBar for Chrome - From a article about using StumbleUpon

StumbleBar for Chrome -

StumbleUpon StumbleBar - From a article about using StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon StumbleBar -

… or you find a StumbleUpon share button on whatever you want to share and click on that. I use Monarch Social Sharing Plugin, which is a paid plugin, but there are free ones available online.

Monarch StumbleUpon share buttons

The set of sharing icons that appear at the bottom of my posts. - Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

Can I post my own links to StumbleUpon?

Yes, within reason.  But if you post too many links from the same domain you’ll get identified as a spammer, which is why people are always keen to get others to add their links.

Exactly what the magic number is that identifies you as a spammer is not widely known.  One would hope it’s a percentage of the total links you submit rather than a number, which would mean you wouldn’t get identified as a spammer just for being prolific.

StumbleUpon goes on to say:

[Any posting limit you encounter] will remain in place until you use the StumbleBar more frequently to Like, Dislike, comment and add a wider variety of web pages.

Isn’t it against the rules to ask someone else to stumble my page?

In a word, yes.  The StumbleUpon Terms of Service state this quite clearly:

Using personal accounts to promote a specific web page or to encourage others to do so is a violation of our Terms of Service.


If you receive a private message asking you to Like or comment on a web page in return for reciprocal comments, Likes, money, or other forms of reward, please notify Community Support immediately.


Accounts participating in such schemes will be deleted and banned from StumbleUpon; related web pages will be deleted and banned from our database.

There are plenty of Facebook groups such as Stumble Upon UK which actively promote the reading of blog posts with links allowing you to Stumble them.  Quite whether you should promote your own posts there is entirely down to you.

It should be pointed out that if you’re interested in using StumbleUpon to advertise a web page, they would recommend their Paid Discovery service.

So I can’t post too many of my own links to StumbleUpon. I can’t ask others to. How do I get stumbled?

As with anything blog-related, you need to produce quality content which people enjoy reading.

Once you have quality content, you then need to ensure that you do everything you can to allow others to stumble it for you.  In other words, ensure that every post has a StumbleUpon button on it.  If you send out newsletters with links to your posts, make sure that the posts can be stumbled from there too.

That’s pretty much everything you need to get started.  Hopefully it shows you how to use StumbleUpon.

So while you’ve got that swimming around in your head I will hand back over to StumbleUpon for some final hints and tips.

Have fun!

Some hints and tips from StumbleUpon
Taken from - Tips on how bloggers can use stumbleupon

Tips from StumbleUpon themselves.

by DannyUK


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