My Sunday Photo - Graffiti in Wharf Road, Chelmsford

Wharf Road, Chelmsford is a short walk from the city centre. The car park in Wharf Road is better known locally for the urban art on the graffiti wall that adorns the East side of the soon-to-be Chelmer Waterside Wharf Road redevelopment.


The wall runs for around 50m and is visible from some distance due to the open plan nature of the surroundings.

The graffiti gets updated fairly regularly and despite the fact that it takes some time to spray the walls, and the team of guys that do it can be seen from afar, nobody ever seems to get arrested for what is basically vandalism.

Locally there are those who dislike the wall, especially when there are spray cans and other debris left on the scene.

Personally, I’m in the other camp.  I like the colourful motifs and the cartoon characters, though the spray tags don’t inspire me much.

I walked past the other morning to see a throwback to an old game I had back in the 1990s: Super Bomberman.

The car park has recently been revealed to have been purchased by Taylor Wimpey for redevelopment.

The artist impressions of the Chelmer Waterside Wharf Road redevelopment look great, especially with Mill View Road which will ensure a beautiful site across the river to Moulsham Mill.

However, I can’t help feeling sorry that we will be losing the graffiti wall, as it almost certainly won’t stay if the house building goes ahead.  It’s an excellent source for urban art in Chelmsford, and there is nothing of the same size locally.

It’s some way off, so rather than worry about the Chelmer Waterside development, I’ll simply enjoy the colourful artwork that is still there.

My Sunday Photo - Wharf Road, Chelmsford - Super Bomberman urban art graffiti on Chelmer Waterside

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