Cost of having a large family - Odeon cinema prices

I have a big family.  Four kids, to be precise.  Plus two step-kids.  I’ve had this post part-written as a draft for two years and haven’t published it as until now it has felt too whingy. This is about Odeon cinema prices, but it could apply to many different places.


Growing up as an only child, I always wished that I had a brother or sister, but it was never meant to be. So when I met the now ex-wife, who herself was also an only child, and we settled down, a large family was never out of the question.

My eldest is now 15, and the youngest is 9. Although they generally get on quite well, there are always arguments and fighting between them all, all of which is completely alien to me as someone without siblings.

As a man who enjoys watching the occasional boxing match, but who has always been quicker with his mouth (and feet, on occasions) than I am with my fists, the violent outbursts between the kids sometimes surprise me.

This blog post is not about children with fire in their eyes (though I hereby declare that as an idea I’m submitting to Channel 5, so no stealing!), but rather the sheer cost of doing something as a family.

If you’re wondering what the connection between the two is, all I can offer is that the kids fight less when they have something to occupy them!

A while back, the kids wanted to go and see Despicable Me 2 at the cinema.  The eldest daughter was out with her friends which left just the remaining three who wanted to go.

I’m not a big fan of going to the cinema with kids if I’m honest, but I said that I’d look into it and immediately searched for Odeon ticket prices.

Our local Odeon offered a “Family Ticket” which is for one adult and three kids (or two adults and two kids) for £27.80.

However, being an experienced father, I know that there is no way at all that the 15-year-old would want to miss out on this, and so I would need to get a ticket for her too - An additional £7.95.

Odeon ticket prices - Standard vs Premier seating comparison of Odeon cinema prices

The difference between standard seating and premier seating at our local Odeon.

This makes the total entry price a whopping £35 for the five of us, for an experience that lasts a couple of hours at most. (Though I should note that this is £9 CHEAPER than when I wrote this draft a couple of years back)

The price goes up if you choose to splash out for Odeon Premier seating - an extra £8.50 in the case highlighted above.

That’s without buying any sweets, food or drinks that the four of them would be pleading for on the way in (and from memory a small bottle of water is another couple of quid or so).

Compared to the cost of buying a DVD and some sweets, it’s a phenomenal price to pay, and needless to say, we didn’t end up going.

To their credit, at least, Odeon offer a decent “Family” deal in terms of the number of people they include in the deal.

As a single parent, I’ve lost count of the number of times a restaurant has advertised a “Kids eat free” meal only for the small print to declare that one child eats free per full paying adult.

Although I appreciate that no restaurant goes into business to lose money, I’d like to see better deals for single parents or big families.

It’s an unfortunate truth that kids in large families miss out on certain things just because of the sheer cost involved.

Upgrading six of us to sit in Odeon Premier seating is a definite no-no because the cost of the basic tickets is so huge.

At least, it is in the case of my family.

by DannyUK


Photo credits:  Header and seating photos taken from the official Odeon website.

Odeon premier seating

Image taken from, with thanks

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