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A few months ago I blogged about buying new LED lights for Mrs DannyUK.  This time, I’ve gone to Bulbs2Go for some energy saving LED bulbs of my own.


The reason for replacing the previous ones was simply because newer LED lights can use up to 90% less energy which means they are both better for the environment and a way of saving money.

Once we’d replaced all of the bulbs in the kitchen with new “warm glow” bulbs I decided that I should treat myself to the same sort of thing.

I jumped online, ordered some bulbs and within a couple of days found myself balancing on a chair near the fridge in order to replace the three bulbs that illuminate my tiny kitchen.

Once done, I jumped down and turned them on. I immediately realised my mistake.

In my rush, I had simply chosen energy-saving LED bulbs and hadn’t paid any attention to anything else. Had I read the description, I’d have seen that I had popped the “Cool White” bulbs. They are fantastically bright, but in such a small room they make it feel more like a hospital surgery rather than a cosy kitchen.

Lesson learnt (and because it was my mistake I was unable to return them), the bulbs are still in now.

Bulbs2Go logo - Taken from a DannyUK.com article about LED lights and energy saving LED bulbs

Not for much longer, though. I’ve just jumped on the Bulbs2Go website and chosen some warm white bulbs (and managing to stop myself from going for the “extra warm white” bulbs which I felt may be overkill)

Maybe I should look to buy a small stepladder too. Until then, you will find me balancing on a chair in the kitchen once again in the not-too-distant future.

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