Lush Mothers Day collection 

Lush Chelmsford recently invited a few bloggers along to check out the Lush Mothers Day Collection. I was lucky enough to be one of them.  With Mothers Day falling on 6th March, you have four weeks to stock up in time!


I went along on a cold February evening with my eldest daughter, Charisma, in tow.

Charisma has been a Lush fan for as long as I can remember, so was keen to see what the store had on offer in their Mothers Day collection this year.

With plans for me to take the photos and make notes, and for Charisma to do anything that involved making stuff, we met up with a handful of other bloggers and watched the staff run through the various offerings.

Lush Chelmsford store front

We started by being shown the Rose bombshell. It’s a bath bomb which dissolves quickly, scattering yellow rose petals in the bathwater when it does. It has a really silky feel to it and leaves your bathwater bright pink.  With a very rose-based smell as you’d expect, this is a floral bath bomb.

Next up was the Ladybird bubble bar. This was my favourite simply because of how cute it looks.  It has minty smell thanks to a hint of peppermint, though somebody else seemed to think that there was a strawberry smell too. It looks like a watermelon when it’s poured, with a beautiful red colour.  Although the recommendation was to put the entire bar in for as many bubbles as possible, it’s just as easy to use a little and save some for another time.

Lush Mothers Day Collection Collage taken from a article

Lush Mothers Day Collection including the exclusive Sunflower Bubble Bath in the Mum Gift Box (centre) and the Happy Mothers Day Hamper (right)

Sunrise Soap was then passed around.  Described as a “solid shower cream”, it has lots of murumuru butter in it. It’s quite oily to the touch, but much nicer when wet.

Then we saw the Yummy Mummy shower gel, which the staff in Chelmsford referred to more correctly as a cream rather than a gel. It has a citrus smell thanks to orange oil that is used in the product.  The cream-like appearance can be attributed to the use of cocoa butter, making it very thick and paste-like. Purple in colour, the smell gets much stronger once you’ve lathered up!

Lush Yummy Mummy Shower Gel - From a article

Lush Yummy Mummy Shower Gel

Last up for the individual products was the Flowering Tea Reusable bubble bath.  This was probably my least favourite.  You either hold this under running water or dip it in bathwater like a teabag. It has a very subtle smell with a mixture of exotic blue cornflowers, sunny orange flower absolute and rich rosewood making up the bubble bath.

Then we entered the gift box section.  First up was the Mum gift box. This comes with a Sakura bath bomb, Yummy Mummy shower gel, Respect Your Elders soap, Love and Light hand cream and Ladybird bubble bath.  The big talking point for this gift box was that it has the Lush Sunflower Bubble Bar in it - a product which you can’t be on its own in the shops.

After this was the Ladybird gift box, which is an all-bath gift set comprising of the Honey Bee bath bomb, Ladybird bubble bar and Sunflower bubble bar, which once again is only available in some of the Lush Mothers Day collection gift boxes

Then we had the smallest gift box; Love you mum. With just two products, the Rose bombshell bath bomb and A French Kiss bubble bar, it’s the cheapest of the Mothers Day gift boxes and like the Ladybird gift box is an all-bath gift box.

We also saw the Happy Mothers Day hamper which comes with 8 different goodies including the Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon (like a bubblebath macaroon), sunrise soap, Think Pink bath bomb, Helping Hands hand cream, Sunflower Bubble Bar, Rose Bombshell bath bomb, Yummy Mummy Shower Gel and Lemony Flutter cuticle butter. More impressive for me was that it comes with seeded paper flowers which you can plant in the tin tub that the Lush soaps come in.  The staff in Chelmsford had planted their which were already starting to grow in just over a week.

Last up was the Just for mum gift box, which apparently is popular in store for what it looks like as much as what it contains.  That’s because it comes in a hat box.  This is an entirely bath bomb-based gift set, including the Yoga Bomb, Twilight, Rose Bombshell and Intergalactic as well as the Guardian of the forest bath bomb.

Lush Chelmsford Mothers Day Collection Collage - Taken from a article

Once we’d had a chance to have a look at the Mothers Day goodies close-up, we were given a chance to make our own Butterball bath bomb, which caused Charisma to end up being the star of the My Sunday Photo post this week.

Thanks to everyone at Lush Chelmsford store for inviting us down!

Seeing as the Ladybirds wouldn’t fly to us, I thought I’d zoom into them instead:

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