I need new jeans - I have the wrong type of ripped jeans

I’m not quite sure what I do, but I can’t seem to wear a pair of jeans without eventually ripping a hole in the crotch. It sounds almost comical, but it’s true. In other words, I need new jeans.


Perhaps it’s the sheer number of times that I wear them? If I’m not suited and booted for work, then I am almost guaranteed to be in a pair of jeans. I’m not the typical Essex Boy in joggers or tracksuit bottoms.

Yet finding a decent pair of jeans seems impossible.

My kids – ever the fashion-conscious divas that they are – often comment on the fact that I seem to wear the same pair of jeans all of the time. Of course I do!

Firstly, I’m a guy. Wearing the same pair of comfy jeans is easy and requires little thought.

Let’s be honest, jeans go with practically anything. (I say that knowing full well that in my teens I deemed it acceptable to wear white jeans. The 90s were a different time!)

Secondly, I probably have about six pairs of jeans, but you can bet that five of them have been demoted to “emergency wear” due to such reasons as :

  1. The pockets are odd and make my hands feel uncomfortable.
  2. Flares haven’t been in fashion for decades and the “wide-leg” look isn’t great.
  3. Even with a belt on, they fall down.
  4. I misjudged the size and whenever I wear them the crotch hangs somewhere near my knees even though the rest of the jeans seem to fit perfectly.
  5. They are so tight on my thighs that I risk losing a limb through lack of blood flow.They’re just the reasons I can think of from the top of my head.

They’re just the reasons I can think of from the top of my head.

So yes, when I find a decent pair of jeans, I will wear them until they literally fall apart and I’m left with yet another pair of jeans ripped at the crotch.  I don’t think the current trend for ripped jeans stretches that far, does it?

With that in mind I’m off to shop online at MandMDirect.

You can guess what’s happened to my favourite jeans recently, can’t you?

Ripped jeans ripped at the crotch. I need new jeans! from a DannyUK.com post

Image taken from Imgur - http://i.imgur.com/0xFCorr.jpg

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