Review: KMASHI 15,000mAh External Battery Power Bank 

It’s often said that with the need to recharge phones so often these days, they may as well be landlines seeing as they are always connected to a plug. That’s where an external battery power bank comes in.


There’s no shying away from the size of this power pack. Measuring a fairly hefty about 156mm long by 81mm wide and 21mm deep and weighing 450g, it’s not designed to be small or lightweight like many models that you see.

The reason for this is the power that it offers. A whopping 15,000mAh battery is enough to charge most phones several times over.

My Samsung S6 Edge phone has a 2,500mAh battery, so it effectively holds six full charges for me.

KMASHI 15,000mAh external battery pack with 15,000mAh battery collage - from a review

It has two USB outlets meaning you can charge two devices at once.  Labelled Output 1 and Output 2, the former chargers at 5V/1A and the latter is faster at 5V/2A.  It’s worth noting that with two devices plugged in together they will both charge at just 1A.

It isn’t an overly fast charger, and certainly is no match for the Galaxy S6 fast charging plug, though it’s fast enough to plug in and give your phone a boost when needed.

The few times I’ve used it, I’ve always averaged an additional 20% charge per hour, more or less.  That’s with the phone on and running as normal.

KMASHI 15000mAh external battery pack - outputs 1 and 2 - from a review

From left to right: The power button, charge indicator and outputs 1&2.

Despite being bulky, this is now stowed away in my rucksack which I generally take with me on days out.  The external battery power bank allows me to keep charged up on the go when I don’t have access to a plug.

The instructions recommend using the original charging cable that comes with your device though a small USB cable is supplied.  Compatible with all iPhone and Android smartphones, tablets and other USB devices with a 5V input.

The external battery pack is compatible with all iPhone and Android smartphones, tablets and other USB devices with a 5V input.

In summary, if you want something that is small and lightweight, this would be the wrong choice, but if you’re looking for a battery pack that will charge more than one phone at a time, or will charge your phone several times over, then the KMASHI 15000mAh external battery pack is absolutely ideal.

Full specifications from Amazon:

  • Huge Capacity: 15000mah external battery charges your iPhone 6S almost 7 times or large-capacity phones like the Galaxy S6 about 5 times. Please use the original charge cable of your device to charge it, there is only micro USB power bank charge cable in the package.
  • 4 status LEDs keep you informed of remaining capacity.
  • Auto power-off design external battery, no energy losses when no operation.Reliable lithium polymer core ensures quality and supplies up to 1000 lifetime charge cycles.
  • Super-fast charge output (5V/3A total) through dual USB ports (5V/2A and 5V/1A) allow for simultaneous charging of two devices at high speed. 5V/ 2A input provides fast charging. Power bank charge time: about 6-7 hours.
  • Package Contents: 1 x KMASHI 15000mAh Dual USB External Battery, 1 x Micro USB Power Bank charge cable, 1 x User Manual and Friendly Customer Service.
  • 2A + 1A Output, 2A Input Fast Charging

Capacity: 15000mAh
Input: DC 5V/2A(Max)
Output: Port 1:DC 5V/1A ,Port2:DC 5V/2A
Size: about 81*156*21mm
Weight: about 450g

Originally £45.99, this external battery pack is currently on offer at £19.99 on Amazon - Most up to date price is shown above.


by DannyUK


I was given this product for free in exchange for an honest review. A full disclosure policy is available on the website.

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