Last week: Interviews and a birthday trip to London 

Last week’s pay about the life of the unemployed was very tongue in cheek in places. This past week has been busy without being manic, though I had a trip to London and an abandoned tube station tour to look forward to.


With lunch at Liaisons Bar & Grill with the flatmate and an informal chat about a possible mortgage job on Tuesday, the week started with no blank spaces in the diary.

Although getting CeMAP qualified has given me a step up in regards to finding a job, it doesn’t cure the lack of experience I have in the role. Don’t get me wrong, I meet most of the requirements listed in the relevant job specs, but as I am beginning to learn, unless you’ve done the role specifically in the past, potential employers are wary.

As a result, there have been a few “informal chats” around possible jobs. Some by phone, some face to face.

In all of these I feel like I’ve held my own and done well. I also get the distinct impression that most companies consider it a massive risk to take on someone inexperienced.

My argument that I’ve independently qualified to do the role stands me in good stead, but that’s not enough.

Early in the week, one of these informal chats lasted an hour and went fairly well, though the position was for a self-employed role which is something I’m not overly keen on.

Bond Street Chelmsford John Lewis board

The entrance to Bond Street via Chelmsford High Street

On Thursday, I popped along to the John Lewis Chelmsford topping out ceremony.  I love the city I live in, and the Bond Street development as a whole is going to give a lift to Chelmsford when it opens in September.

Now that the external structures are fully finished, the site is one step closer to transforming the Chelmsford landscape.

It was also a good opportunity to catch up with the likes of the Essex Chronicle, Chelmsford Weekly News and the City Times who were all in attendance.

Friday was my birthday, and though I wasn’t meeting Mrs DannyUK until the early afternoon when her train was due to pull into Euston, I was up at 6 am having agreed to a 9 am interview for a job role that would be absolutely perfect.

An accident on Thursday evening had caused 5-hour tailbacks and closed the Dartford bridge crossing, so I didn’t want to leave anything to chance.

Knowing that the journey to the interview site (which was in my old stomping ground of Sidcup, funnily enough) would take more than an hour in rush hour, and fearing a knock on from the emergency resurfacing that had been forced to take place on the bridge overnight, I gave myself two and a half hours to get there.

All of which means that I got to Sidcup at 7.15am, a full hour and 45 minutes early.  Oh well.

The interview went fairly well, with remarkable honesty from both sides of the table.  Hopefully, I will hear something positive sometime this week.  As I said, the role is perfect for me, so fingers crossed.

From there it was into London.  I dumped the car at a tube station outside of the congestion charging zone and got the tube to Euston.

Once reacquainted with Mrs DannyUK we grabbed lunch, checked into our hotel and even found time for a nap before heading over to The Archduke in Waterloo for dinner and cocktails with Tasha and her other half.

The Shard and London Bridge at night, captured on a trip to London

The Shard and London Bridge at night

The next day, having strategically drunk 3 jugs of water between the two of us as we quaffed cocktails over dinner, we found that we were both thankfully hangover-free.  A trip to St Katherines Docks for breakfast and then an elongated stay for coffee in a local Costa saw out the early part of the day.

The only thing we had planned for the afternoon was a trip to Aldwych to go on the Hidden London abandoned tube station tour.

I’d been looking forward to the tour since we booked it months ago, and perhaps in hindsight I had built it up too much in my head.  Although I enjoyed it, I didn’t feel as though it was as good as I was expecting, which is a shame.  Mrs DannyUK disagreed and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hidden London - Strand Station entrance - Part of the abandoned tube station tour

The entrance to the now-disused Strand station

From there we had dinner in the hotel, an early night and then parted ways the next morning.

It was a great weekend, on the back of an interesting week.  I just wish that it had lasted longer!

by DannyUK


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