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Bearded Backchat is a chance for me to interview PR people and fellow bloggers. This week is Pamela from 


Pamela is yet another person that I have only gotten to know recently through the blogging grapevine.

Life WIth Munchers logo - Taken from a Bearded Backchat blogger interview with LifeWithMuncher's Pamela

Who are you?

My name is Pamela….But I was previously known as Sarah (my middle name) on my blog due to my previous work.

What was the reason for not using your first name?

Sarah is my middle name, so I felt more comfortable with that. I worked as a marketing manager and well, you don’t always want the people you work with (MD) etc knowing every little detail of your life.

What is your “day job”?

The original career junkie, I’m a Marketing & PR Manager by trade, having done my stint in the motor industry and more recently Oil & Gas. A recent redundancy, however, has made me re-evaluate my work life balance and I’m hoping to go freelance this year, alongside my blogging.

What is your blog called and where can we find it?

I blog over at Life With Munchers

What’s your blog about?

I would class it as lifestyle, as it’s about everything I do and everything that I am passionate about…mainly family memories, homes & interiors and the everyday.

Why did you start blogging?

Originally it was a hobby (bet everyone says that!)

Why do you still blog?

It has become a bit of an addiction and it’s a bit of an honour to have the opportunity this year to make a go of it.

How has blogging changed since you started?

I’ve only been blogging for just over 2 years, so I haven’t seen changes as such. I guess it has become more popular in the UK during this time.

Would you count your blog as a job or something fun to do in your spare time?

Although I plan to make it my job this year, I still find it fun. It has a lot of similar characteristics to my previous job…without the suit, boardroom and hot cups of coffee.

I can’t believe you don’t ‘suit up’ when writing a post! Where do you get the inspiration to write a blog post?

I get inspiration from everything around me. My family posts are clearly from our experiences…Homes usually from shopping and current renovations.'s Pamela - Taken from a Bearded Backchat interview

The lovely Pamela from

If you could recommend three other blogs to read, what three would you recommend and why?

I have found some pretty amazing people through blogging, but people rarely get to say they meet them in real life. I’m very lucky to have met a bestie through my previous work and she has the most amazing homes blog…her photos are amazing…Life In Eight.

I also adore Clare at Maybush Studios. I’m all about my photography this year and I love that she includes her images camera settings.

I’m stuck for the last spot, as there are so many I adore (check my blogs I love page if you don’t believe me) but I’d have to say Katie Mummy Daddy Me. Her family are a scrummy lot and she really has made me see that it’s the little gestures which go a long way in parenting.

I was going to take offence that my blog wasn’t on your favourite list (honestly, toys out of the pram, tantrums, the lot!) but then I figured it hasn’t been updated as neither its Katie, Mummy, Daddy, Me!

What is the single best thing that has come about as a result of your blog?

Not being up poop creek! Had my blog not been set up and had I not had the support of others in the community, I would be staring at redundancy wondering how I was going to get through it. It’s thanks to that that I now have a masterplan (please let it pan out ok)

What would be your perfect blog post?

I would have to say it would be something family related. If I ever got the opportunity to write about a family trip to Disney World…now that would be pretty perfect.

What can you recommend to other bloggers to increase the traffic to their sites?

If I knew that, I’d be in the top 10 of tots! As a marketer, all I can say is promote, promote, promote.

Which brands do you enjoy working with?

In the past, I worked with Black + Decker, which was pretty cool. But also I just love the PR Team for Asda and I can’t forget Whisbear (he saved our sleepless nights and the lovely folk sent me Christmas biscuits…winner!)

Everyone has that one company that they have always wanted to work with but have never quite been able to. Who is yours?

After a good 10 years in the motor industry, I’d love to be able to do some blog work for any of the Brands I’ve previously worked with. Not sure Porsche will quite be knocking my door down anytime soon, though!

What is your own personal favourite post on your site?

It would have to be my New Year post ( For me, it was like a coming of age post and well it’s always quite wicked when you get warm comments from some blogging heroes.

Whose blog would you love to be featured on or write a guest post for?

I’m fulfilling that dream right now Dan 😉 I guess it would be I heart Organizing. If I was ever organising savvy enough to make it on there, I would never lose anything ever again!

Ha! Like all good quizmasters, I will only accept your first answer there!

Lastly, if you were to interview another blogger, what question would you ask that I haven’t asked here?… 

Do you really get that dressed up every day?

… And what is your answer to that question?

Certainly not…Quite frankly, if I’m not going out, I’m in jammies!

Thanks, Pamela (or should I say “Sarah”?)! You can read more at Pamela’s blog, Life With Munchers.

You can also follow Pamela on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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