The life of the unemployed

The life of the unemployed is a dull one. Yet bizarrely with more time on my hands than ever, I’ve done less than I normally do.


My days seem to float by in a vague mishmash of playing FIFA and messing around on social media.

That also means that the blog is quieter in terms of real-life updates as there is nothing going on.

There’s been the gushing post at how proud I am of my eldest daughter, but that aside it’s almost two weeks since I posted about booking my CeMAP 3 exam and a holiday to Italy.

Since then I have taken my CeMAP 3 exam, passing comfortably and then the following day retaking the CeMAP 2 exam that I had failed, and, this time, passing CeMAP fairly easily.

Both of these exams were at the local Pearson Vue test centre, and the atmosphere there was intense and gloomy. They run a much stricter ship that the college venue where I took my first lot of exams.

Pearson Vue test centre Chelmsford signs - Taken from a article

More sign than door at Pearson Vue test centre in Chelmsford.

There was definitely an air of being in a job centre about it. Nobody was talking in the waiting room (mainly due to the exam conditions) and the receptionist was frosty as she ran through the rules and regulations.

Both exams had more than enough time allowed to sit them, and each time I finished in a fraction of the time. On each occasion the invigilator made a comment about being out of there quickly. I think it’s because they see a lot of video-based driving exams, which is obviously real-time compared to a written exam which you can speed through.

I celebrated with a coffee at Costa (as you do) and was confused when I overheard an elderly customer asking for “A neggernam sandwich” in a thick cockney accent. It took me a few seconds to realise that she wanted an egg & ham sandwich.

I took time out to watch the David Haye comeback fight but made the mistake of blinking twice and missing most of it. A couple of weeks later I stayed up to watch WWE’s Royal Rumble and 48 hours later I’m still recovering from falling asleep at 4 am.

I bemoaned the fact that Celebrity Dinner Date had few people I’d even recognised, much less knew as celebrities, but it made me wonder how long it’d be before a blogger appears on Celebrity Big Brother (something that the lovely Elly was offered and declined, incidentally).

I also learnt that Chelmsford Council has the right to park wherever they like as long as they are carrying out official council business after moaning at them for parking on a yellow line in a Chelmsford parking nightmare area.

Chelmsford Council van illegally parked - Taken from a article

Naughty, naughty Chelmsford Council!

They tweeted me to tell me that the van was parked up and that there’s dispensation if necessary for duty (citing ambulances as an example), going on to say that it applies to some public services/agencies in the execution of their duty. They also sent me a link to their Parking Partnership Operational Protocols which are a) length and b) dull. I still don’t think it excuses staff from parking illegally, even if they were checking out the graffiti on a nearby bridge as the council claimed.

I also managed to squeeze in a guest post for Skint Dad about saving money with a pot of dreams as well as nipping to Liaison Bar & Grill in Chelmsford for a sneak taste of their new lunch menu.

A cheese and bacon burger was the order of the day, and I have to say that it looked good and tasted great.

Liaison Bar & Grill Chelmsford - Cheese and Bacon Burger and chips - Taken from a article

The Cheese and Bacon Burger and chips from Liaison Bar & Grill

I suppose that all in all there’s been a fair amount done though it really feels like I’ve done very little.

It’s my birthday this week, so I am seeing the lovely Mrs DannyUK who I haven’t seen for about a month, and that really can’t come soon enough. We have a meal out planned with friends plus a couple of other bits and pieces as we are staying in London.

It should be a great weekend. Maybe the life of the unemployed isn’t as bad as I thought.

by DannyUK


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