My Sunday Photo - Brother and youngest sister

There’re few sights in life as nice as seeing the two youngest siblings getting along. For My Sunday Photo this week, I have brother and youngest sister posing together in a rare moment of friendship.


Actually, that’s probably a little harsh. The youngest two get on quite well, although there is a lot of verbal to-and-fro between them at times.

This afternoon they both vied for attention when a subject for this very post was mentioned. In the end it was agreed that I’d take a photo of the vain pair rather than choose anything I’d snapped during the week.

Twenty seconds after we’d settled on that, the pair of them were up against the wall, posing. As you can see, Chance, my 9-year-old, couldn’t take his eyes off of the camera, whilst Brooke, my 11-year-old, didn’t realise I was taking the photo.

Had the eldest two been home, then there is every chance that we’d have got a photo of the two of them with their brother and youngest sister, but being teens they have far better things to do with their lives that spend time with their family! (Let’s face it, we were all the same at that age!)

I really like this photo.  Out of the dozen or so that we captured, it seems to encompass the cheekiness of the pair, as even Brooke has the start of a smile playing across her face.

My Sunday Photo - Brother and youngest sister - from a article

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