Hair to Spare - Eldest daughter donates to Little Princess Trust

I’m always staunchly proud of my kids. I probably don’t tell them enough, but I am. My eldest daughter, Charisma, left me speechless with her selflessness, though. So much so that I had to blog about her Hair to Spare donation.


The first I heard about the charity was in passing from Charisma, who mentioned that she was thinking of chopping off some of her hair and donating it to the Little Princess Trust.

#NoHairToSpare or #HairToSpare for Little Princess Trust Facebook header

Little Princess Trust’s charity drive.

At 15 years of age, Charisma is the eldest child of my four and has always loved her long locks. She’s been growing her hair for years and it recently got close to waist length.

Any suggestions to trim or cut the hair (normally from her mum - I’m not brave enough to challenge anything relating to style or fashion with the kids) were shot down, aside from an occasional appointment to cut off the split ends.

But Charisma is nothing if not confident in her own decisions. Once she had viewed the video on the site, her mind was made up. She wanted to donate her hair to the Little Princess Trust.

Mel, her mum, messaged me about it, asking if I had any objections, which of course, I didn’t. I knew it wasn’t any kind of kneejerk reaction as it had been mentioned before, so my view was that if she wanted to do it, she was mature enough to make that decision.

I spoke to The Little Princess Trust about their Hair To Spare social media campaign and they sent me the following information:

How much does your hair mean to you? Would you be willing to give it away? Or would you pay to keep hold of it? That’s exactly what the charity wants to find out.


Today, the Little Princess Trust launches its Hair To Spare campaign: a challenge on social media that encourages people to choose between donating a long length of their hair (#HairToSpare team) vs. a small amount of money (#NoHairToSpare team).


The charity will use this hair to make wigs for boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that have sadly lost their own hair through cancer treatment or other illnesses. Plus, the money raised will go towards the buying costs of each new wig (approx. £350).


The campaign – managed by advertising agency The Gate London – will run throughout January. Participants will record their decision on camera – by either having their plaits or ponytails cut off, or by sharing a screenshot of their donation (text WIGS01 to 70070). Then, they simply nominate three friends to see if they have Hair To Spare.


Monica Glass, Charity Manager at the Little Princess Trust says:


“We are all very excited about our first ever social media campaign. If you’ve thought over Christmas that you fancy a new look for the New Year – now’s your chance! I hope it inspires people to cut their hair for a good cause. We accept good condition hair over 7”/17cm, but the longer the better. We are really hoping for hair donations of 12”/30cm or more.”


The campaign is run in partnership with the Toni & Guy Charitable Foundation.

The process of getting the hair seemed fairly simple.

2″ of hair was chopped to get rid of the split ends. The hair was then sectioned into two and made into two plaits which were tightly braided with a band applied at the top and bottom of each Please.

The hair was then cut a little above the first band, after a final confirmation from Charisma and a quick measure to make sure they met the minimum length requirements.

No Hair to Spare any more! - Charisma chops off seven inches of hair for charity! Taken from a article

#HairToSpare - Charisma before and after her haircut

As it turned out, the plaits were 10″ long, so more than 3″ over the minimum length. They were then bagged and sent off to the charity by Mel.  Charisma still has long(ish) hair, as you can see, but has no hair to spare any more!

On a selfish note, I am hoping that shorter hair may lead to fewer hair pins being left lying around my floors and disappearing up the vacuum cleaner. From a paternal point of view, even now I am still blown away by Charisma’s hair sacrifice, knowing how much she loved her long hair.

For more information on how to take part, visit the Hair To Spare social media pages:


Twitter: @HairToSpare

Twitter: @NoHairToSpare

For more information on hair donation, visit the Little Princess Trust website.

I nominate: A Slice Of My Life Wales blog, Belle Du Brighton and my ex-wife (who needs to grow her hair again first!), 30 Something Mel.

Have you ever thought of being part of Team #HairToSpare and donating hair to charity? If not, have you thought of joining me on Team #NoHairToSpare and making a small donation instead?

by DannyUK


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