My Sunday Photo - County Hall Swastikas

This week My Sunday Photo is of the Essex County Council office in Chelmsford. Better known as County Hall. More precisely, it’s a photo of the County Hall swastikas.


I was wandering around Chelmsford this morning, dodging between the pools of post-Saturday night vomit and the handful of people doing the walk of shame, trying to find something photo-worthy.

I love Chelmsford, and when it’s quiet, as it so often is at 8 am on a Sunday, it’s beautiful. As long as you keep your eyes off of the pavement, which is a tapestry so artfully decorated in the excesses of Saturday night.

There were many things that I could photograph, but I chose County Hall simply because of the swastikas that adorn the stonework above the door.

They are small enough and far enough off the ground that they are barely noticeable to those passing by, but it still strikes me as odd that the County Hall swastikas are there at all.

Stranger still is that the building was completed in 1939, so the swastikas were there throughout World War 2.

It has to be said that the swastika, although now associated with the Nazi party, is historically a symbol of peace, so perhaps that’s why they are there.

If you’re looking for the County Hall swastikas in the picture below, you need to look to the left and right of the window that is in the top part of the photo.  (There’s a few of them, and they appear at the top of the columns)

My Sunday Photo - Essex County Council County Hall swastikas

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