Bearded Backchat with PR Haydy from Joe Blogs 

Bearded Backchat is a chance for me to interview PR people and fellow bloggers. This week it’s someone who does both!  Introducing Haydy from Joe Blogs, though you may know her as Squibb Vicious!


Haydy is the first PR person I asked to take part in this interview series.  She works for the lovely Joe Blogs team and is a fellow Essex Blogger too!  I know her as I am signed up to the Joe Blogs Blogging Network myself.

Let’s go!

A Bearded Backchat interview with PR Haydy from Joe Blogs Blogging Network, though you may know her better as Squibb Vicious!

Who are you?

Haydn is on the birth certificate, but I go by Haydy, but you may know me as Squibb Vicious!

Do you have an “official” title?

My official title, only ever used on my email, is Outreach Specialist.

Who do you work for?

I work for the Joe Blogs Network that is owned by Greenlight Digital. On a daily basis, I organise bloggers for events, reviews and run social media accounts.

There is lots of blog reading and YouTube watching, for research, of course!

What’s the best part of being a PR person?

You get to understand how marketing works, what clients expect and then roll that into how I work on my blog!

And the worst part?

There are lots of demanding bloggers that can be quite rude which shocked me! I’ve become quite thick skinned after reading that this is normal in this kind of position.

I also think deadlines can be quite tricky as it’s a lot of relying on other people to hit them.

PR Haydy from Joe Blogs Blogging Network, though you may know her better as Squibb Vicious!


The million-dollar question. What do you want from a blogger?

Oh my, I’m going to go with my perfect blogger; always turns up to events, blogs within two weeks of turning up, promotes on their social media and makes my life easy. Is that too much to ask?!

And what should bloggers avoid when doing posts for PR people?

We, at Joe Blogs, think you should be completely honest in your review, but we don’t like swearing and slagging people off.

You can say not so nice things in a pleasant way! Also not thanking the suppliers is a little annoying!

Any favourite blog posts that you can pick out from a blogger you’ve worked with?

Great imagery and the old photo of her mum was such a nice touch.

What can you recommend to other bloggers to increase the traffic to their sites?

Shameless self-promotion; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit, any form of social media!

Schedule posts for when you’re sleeping so it’s constantly out there getting noticed.

Twitter chats are great too as there are usually link shares at the end… #JBTalks is every Monday at 7 pm!

Which brands do you enjoy working with?

I LOVED working with Joe Blogs as a blogger before I started working here which is probably why I enjoy my job so much, but other brands that are always great to work with are Peroni, Vinyl Clocks and independent businesses as they appreciate your help so much more.

From a Joe Blogs perspective if I told you too much about our clients I’d have to kill you… I joke, they are quite secretive, though, but Currys PC World do great events!

Everyone has that one company that they have always wanted to work with but have never quite been able to. Who is yours?

From a blogging perspective, anyone that will send me on an around the world trip, all expenses paid for!

In all seriousness, I’m open to work with any brands that I believe in, but I’d love to do more car based post so come at with your test drives!

Audi & BMW have been great to work with. From the Joe Blogs side, I’d love some more fashion/beauty brands as bloggers are HUGE on fashion/beauty and I’ve seen some really great bloggers I’d like to work with.

joe blogs blogging network logo - taken from a interview with haydy

Joe Blogs

Lastly, if you were to interview another PR person, what question would you ask that I haven’t asked here?…

This is a toughie, maybe brands you’d never want to work with or is that too dismal?!

… And what is your answer to that question?

I’d say brands that are already really well known as a lot of those would have very high expectations as a client and that can be a little daunting!

Thanks, Haydy! I can’t believe that some bloggers can be rude to somebody so nice. It’s like kicking a puppy!

You can find Haydy’s blog at, and you can follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

You can also join the Joe Blogs Network here.

You can see all of the Bearded Backchat interview series by clicking here!

by DannyUK


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