CeMAP2 exams, lovebirds and booking a holiday to Italy

I can’t believe it’s the middle of January already. Time flies. Yet I’ve taken my CeMAP2 exams and been booking a holiday to Italy.


Not that it feels as though I’ve been spectacularly busy, of course. Being out of work has given me more time to myself than I need and as a result, life is quite dull.

Lovebirds made by Mrs DannyUK

My Christmas gift from Mrs DannyUK - Two lovebirds that she made herself <3

I’ve made the most of the down time, though. The start of the year saw me attending the CeMAP2/3 course and last week I took the four CeMAP2 exams.

The morning of the exams, I took some mocks and continually failed in one area. I concentrated on revising that area, and lo and behold when the results came I passed that particular exam with a distinction. Go me!

Two more exams were rewarded with a merit score but the final exam I missed out on a pass by a couple of points and now have to re-sit that single exam. To say I was infuriated is an understatement. I’m a bad loser at the best of times, but to lose when I felt I was capable of winning (or in this case, passing) is hard to take.

I have the CeMAP3 exam booked in for next Monday and still need to rearrange the failed exam. Once they’ve all been passed, I will be capable of giving mortgage advice.

Simply Academy logo - CeMAP 2 exams

My CeMAP training provider.

I had my eldest daughter pop by after school a couple of weeks ago. The internet was down at their house and she needed to do some homework. Maths, to be precise.

She asked for my help and although I consider myself good with numbers, having to work out angles for hexagons has never been a life skill I’ve needed to utilise, so that particular information disappeared from my head a long time ago.

We spent a lot of time Googling certain things and by the time Charisma submitted her homework online, receiving an immediate notification with a mark of 10 out of 12, she was fairly pleased.

“10 out of 12! That’s not bad!”

“Charisma! We Googled every single answer and STILL got two wrong! That’s terrible!”

She didn’t seem phased though.

Earlier this week I had an informal interview with an estate agent about a possible job as a mortgage advisor. The interview went fairly well, I think. They have more people to see, and I need to start applying for other jobs. They said they would give me a call next week and would tell me whether they wanted to invite me to a second interview or not.

The only other remotely proactive thing I’ve done this year is to book a holiday.

We've been booking a holiday to Italy - Country House La Querceta Di Marnacchia

Italy in Autumn. I cannot wait!

My best friend, Tasha, is getting married in September and in her wisdom has chosen to marry in Italy.

That has given Mrs DannyUK and I all the excuses we need to book a holiday in around the wedding and after throwing “Booking a holiday to Italy” into Google, we now have five days booked somewhere near the Italian coast in early Autumn.

Thank God for credit cards!

by DannyUK


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