My Sunday Photo - Dawn in Chelmsford

I suspect that this week My Sunday Photo will be filled with Christmas-based entries. Amongst all of the celebrations this year I took a picture of dawn in Chelmsford.


For all of the beautiful sights in the world, there are some things that mother nature produces which cannot be recreated elsewhere. I, for one, love the skies when the sun rises and sets.

A myriad of colours all swirling into each other is beautiful, though often I find that a picture doesn’t come close to capturing how lovely it looked.

Other times, the simple way that the colours of the sky fade into each other is just as stunning, and that’s what I captured on an early morning walk during the week.

Dawn in Chelmsford at this time of year occurs as late as 7.30am, and it was just after this time that I snapped the photo below. I’ve cropped out the car park, houses and cranes that cluttered the edge and just left in the rooftops. In fact, it was taken not far from where the header photo was taken, and that’s a similar style.

Whether the stunning scenery was down to the unusually warm weather we’ve had, or whether I’ve just missed it in the past, I don’t know.

It’s unusual for me to be so taken with a sunrise or sunset without having the sun in the picture, but the blueness was so beautifully tranquil that I couldn’t help but take a photo, even if - once again - a photo doesn’t do justice to the original scene.

Dawn in Chelmsford


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