Heading for an employment tribunal? 

As the year rolls around to the final few days, I’m sat in Costa trying to think of something to write. I guess that I should blog about fighting work, and how I feel as though I am heading for an employment tribunal though it’s a subject I can only be bothered touching on briefly.


It always seems that whenever I am busiest in life, I have an abundance of things that I want to talk about. When things are quiet - like now - I seem to find that writers block kicks in and I have nothing of real interest to say. (And “Boooooo!” if you say that’s normal for me to be dull!)

There’s not much happening in life that hasn’t already been covered off. Having passed the CeMAP 1 exam, I am now booked in for a week-long course to do the second part with the exams scheduled in for the end of the first week in January.

I have loads of presents to wrap, and can’t seem to find the motivation to get them done, though fortunately with Christmas just a few days away I am time-bound so they will get done sooner rather than later.

With time on my hands, I decided to visit the new Costa Fresco store in London. Going there would give me time to think over whether or not to consider going to an employment tribunal as well as getting me out of the house and doing something.

Getting up at 6.30am on a Saturday with the sole intention of going there indicates to me that I may be fonder of Costa than I am of most people in my life.

In fact, seeing as Costa don’t seem to work with bloggers directly, I may just announce this as the unofficial Costa Coffee blog and be done with it.

Costa Fresco was nice, by the way, and assuming that I get around to editing the photos I will probably put a review up shortly.

The new Costa Fresco from Costa Coffee

Costa Fresco in London

I started this entry by saying that I’d talk about how I feel I am heading for an employment tribunal with work who very kindly made me redundant a week before Christmas.

They are - characteristically - being a pain in terms of what they will pay me. They’ve agreed to pay all commissions due from recent times but are actively arguing about the amount of notice they have to give me.

Unfortunately, my contract says that I am only entitled one weeks notice, despite promises that previous agreements would be honoured. The previous agreement was verbally agreed at 28 days, but the company are trying to wriggle out of this by saying that “the [verbal] agreement was in relation to the proposed change in your position, which ultimately did not go ahead”, which is news to me as I was never informed that the offer had been rescinded.

Looks like I will be fighting work about that one into the new year.  Is it expensive to go to an employment tribunal?

In less depressing news, ITV Be advertised a new series of Celebrity Dinner Date last night. It’s not uncommon for me to see these celebrity-based programs and to recognise few faces, but I normally, at least, recognise some of the names of the so-called celebs.

Dinner Date showed all of the celebrities in the advert who would appear on the new series. I didn’t recognise any of them at all. They then named the celebrities, and I didn’t know one name, apart from the last one, Romeo, who I think is music-related.

Is this a new low for the celeb culture? Or possibly a new high for me?

Either way, I can safely watch the entire series as though it was a non-celeb series of Dinner Date, which is good.

Lastly - and this is something I mention every year around this time - today is the BEST day of the year. Here’s why.

by DannyUK


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