Passing CeMAP 1 

Whilst I was hopeful of passing CeMAP 1, which I took on Friday, my confidence had taken a knock when I learnt of losing my job on Wednesday.


However, you don’t get to live to my age without gaining a sixth sense, and though I felt safe, the truth is that I knew if we continued to be as quiet as we were, the company wouldn’t be making any money and we’d all have to start moving on. It was that - alongside Mrs DannyUK’s ongoing support - that made me book a CEMAP course to get qualifications towards being a mortgage advisor.

As luck would have it, the CeMAP 1 exam fell yesterday, just a couple of days after being let go, and since the news, passing CeMAP 1 had taken on a whole new level of importance. I really needed that qualification.

Though there was a huge amount to learn, I’d been lucky enough to find a tutor that fitted my style of learning and I passed both sections, missing out on a merit in both exams by a single question. Always the way, isn’t it?

Passing CeMAP 1 - The coursework - Taken from a article

This is the coursework and mocks for a one week CeMAP 1 course!

What that means is that I now can do my CeMAP 2/3 and get fully qualified and become a mortgage advisor somewhere, or at the very least I can apply for mortgage roles having got the first part under my belt.

For those that have stumbled across this page looking for CeMAP training courses, I did my CeMAP training through Simply Academy and was happy with them.

Passing CeMAP 1 wasn’t easy, especially given the amount of non-mortgage legislation and financial framework that has to be learnt for the module, but at least it is out of the way now.

If you need some tips on passing CeMAP 1, I would seriously recommend not doing it off of your own back.  I ordered the revision paperwork from eBay a few months ago, and it was so intensive that I could barely get through the first chapter.

Although the final exam is made up of two sections of 50 questions each, with multiple choice answers, I honestly felt that there were as many possible answers that contradicted what I felt I had learnt as there was answers that were made easier by being multiple choice.

Passing CeMAP 1 - The WhatsApp conversation afterwards - Taken from a article

Pretty much sums my attitude about exams!

The CeMAP stuff couldn’t have come at a better time, taking into account the job loss.

The new year will see me sitting the second lot of CeMAP exams and then desperately looking for a new job, hopefully in a new role that makes the most of the qualifications.

by DannyUK


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