My Sunday Photo - Modern and ancient London

Spending some time in the capital this week gave me the opportunity to marvel and modern and ancient London side-by-side.


For every Victorian building, there is a modern-day skyscraper. For every piece of thick, exhaust-blackened brick there is a shiny pane of 21st Century glass.

The way that London comes together is so many distinct styles can be breathtaking and it’s moments like this - when old and new dwell alongside each other - that I like the most.

I’m not a fan of the Gherkin, but the way that St Andrew Undershaft - which survived the Great Fire of London in 1666 - sits proudly in the shadow of the phallic building makes a great contrast.

My Sunday Photo - Modern and ancient London - Taken from a article

The Gherkin in the background, St Andrew Undershaft in the foreground.

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