Losing my job 

This past week has been an odd one. Whilst I was hopeful of passing CeMAP 1, which I took on Friday, I certainly wasn’t expecting to be talking about losing my job, that’s for sure.


But there you go. On Tuesday night, I heard a rumour that someone else doing my role in the North of the country had been let go. Our manager had driven up to Liverpool, met with him and told him that there was not enough work to support keeping everyone on and that he was losing his job.

I wrote a few weeks back about work being quiet but even though I’d not had much to do in recent weeks, work has constantly told me that they are happy with the way I work and that the area I cover was one of the busiest.

What’s more, I knew that just a few weeks ago we had advertised for more people in my role in anticipation of the rise in activity that we were expecting.

Losing my job - A month after they advertised my job role - Taken from a DannyUK.com article

I didn’t think I’d be losing my job so soon after we had advertised for MORE staff in my role.

So when I saw a missed call from my manager on Wednesday morning, I feared the worst but secretly thought I wouldn’t be affected if changes were sweeping through the company.

When I listened to his voicemail, which was a short message urging me to call him as soon as possible, and then saw not only a text message but a Whatsapp message both saying the same thing, it suddenly occurred to me that maybe I wasn’t so safe after all.  Losing my job was, in fact, a distinct possibility.

I called my manager back and he told me that due to work not being busy, they were letting me go and that it wasn’t a reflection of me or my work.

Within an hour my work email password had been changed, blocking me from accessing any work emails, and my work phone number had been blocked.

With less than a week until Christmas, it was a bitter pill to swallow, and although I took the news with as much grace as possible, the stark truth is that losing my job at this time of year is far from ideal.  To be losing my job via a phone call just feels like being kicked when I am down, even if I understand the reasons.

Fortunately, I have other irons in the fire.  Nothing that will pay the mortgage alone, but, at least, stuff that will bring in a little money here and there.

More importantly, I knew that I would be taking my first steps towards becoming a qualified mortgage advisor a couple of days later, and that thought was firmly in my mind even as my (now ex-) manager wittered about being sorry to lose me.

The sun may be going down on one career, but hopefully it’s about to rise on an even better one.

by DannyUK


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