X Factor to be axed by ITV - Will Sky show it?

Facebook has many positives and negatives. The sheer amount of times that a piece of news is shared could fall into either category. Apparently, accordingly to my Facebook feed, the news is: X Factor to be axed!


If that isn’t music to my ears, then I don’t know what is, even if the ending of the long-running show will put an end to my long-running series of losses when it comes to answering questions about the damn show on my Pointless game app.

I won’t be alone. Millions of people who currently moan about the show will be glad to hear that it’s being axed (though granted, a large number of people will also be grieving).

X Factor's Simon Cowell with long-term friend Paul McKenna - Photo from DailyMail.co.uk - Article from X Factor To Be Axed by DannyUK.com

X Factor’s Simon Cowell with long-term friend Paul McKenna - Photo from DailyMail.co.uk

Those of us in the anti-karaoke show camp shouldn’t celebrate too quickly or too loudly, though. Firstly, it’s merely a rumour. More importantly, just because X Factor gets cancelled by ITV, it doesn’t mean that it will vanish from our screens forever.

As Channel 5 picked up Big Brother shortly after Channel 4 deemed it had run its course, there are many rumours that Sky will pick up the X Factor.

The final death knell for Simon Cowell’s show seems to be the fact that ITV have already stolen the rights for The Voice from BBC One. The smart thinking is that there isn’t room for two such similar shows on the same channel.

The X Factor to be axed -The judges in 2015 - Taken from a DannyUK.com article.

The X Factor 2015 judges: Rita Ora, Nick Grimshaw, Simon Cowell and Cheryl Whateverhernameis

So yes, fellow Cowell-haters, feel free to join me in the removal of X Factor from ITV. But equally take a moment to reflect on the fact that it’s likely to pop up somewhere else soon after.

There is every chance that we will soon see X Factor on Sky.

Personally, I quite used to enjoy watching Gladiators and Blind Date on a Saturday night.


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