Chelmsford Post Office opening sign

Christmas. The time of year when old people queue to post Christmas cards. At least that’s what they do in Chelmsford Post Office.


My work dictates that I am in the Post Office most days of the week. I generally tried to avoid Chelmsford Post Office for the simple fact that it’s always busy, the queues are always massive and there never seems to be enough staff working.  The day that they introduce the automatic checkouts to our local Post Office can’t come quickly enough!

At Christmas time, it’s even worse, as you can imagine.

I swear that once the older generation passed on, the Post Office will begin shutting branches at a rapid rate, as it always seems to me that 80% of the people queuing are retired. I can only assume that this is because they are the only people that choose to post letters these days, where the rest of us stick to email.

If feeling like I am in God’s waiting room isn’t reason enough, I have another reason for avoiding Chelmsford Post Office at the moment. This sign:

Chelmsford Post Office opening sign. Taken from a article

They were open Sundays, apparently.

They were? Does that mean that they aren’t open Sundays any more?

I know it’s only a small thing, but it winds me up every time I see it, and it’s been like that for weeks. I even tweeted the Post Office about it and they promised to get it changed, but it hasn’t happened.

The grammar nazi in me is tempted to sneak a permanent marker in with me next time I queue and manually put the missing apostrophe in for them.  If graffiti is a crime, then I shall argue that this is a crime against the English language!


by DannyUK

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