What colour is Mayfair? and Herring comes to Chelmsford

by DannyUK


Another week goes by and for once I have been really busy with work. Thursday and Friday are being taken as holiday, though, so once again I have my sights set on travelling to the Wirral to see Mrs DannyUK.

After many weeks of work being slow, I was asked if I would do some cold-calling. I say “asked”, but it was definitely rhetorical.

After several days trying to get through things I came to the conclusion that the list I had been given to call was quite old, and that I had spent more time tidying it up than anything else. I was also not having much luck with the calling itself. Despite having a history of being on the phone in previous jobs, it was never something I enjoyed doing, and with no real incentive here (my enquiries about commission were met with a stony silence) it was hard going.

About four days into the calls, which I had been making around other work, I received an email asking how I was getting on. I replied back being honest and saying that it wasn’t great. I mentioned the poor quality of the list and that even the calls I was making weren’t being well received. I finished it by calling the work “soul destroying”.

I received an email back saying that my manager had personally put me forward for the work saying that I was well suited to it. I found that surprising, but I notice since then that the work has been farmed out to someone else to do.

The kids were over this weekend, and during our shop at Tesco I noticed that there was pulled pork flavoured popcorn for sale. I genuinely don’t think this pulled pork madness is ever going to end. I’m just waiting for pulled pork-scented bleach or something equally daft.

Butterkist Hickory BBQ pulled pork popcorn - Taken from a DannyUK.com article

Give it a rest with the pulled pork for goodness sake!

Getting home, Charisma quickly sat herself in front of the TV and started a Dance Mums marathon. Set in Liverpool, the show often shows the mums in rages, and as a result Charisma is getting quite adept at her Scouse impression, which amuses me no end.

We also had our regular disagreement over a game of Monopoly Deal cards as to whether the two most expensive properties were blue, as the kids insist, or purple, as I’ve always thought them to be. What colour is Mayfair? Purple, as it denotes an expensive taste, right?

What colour is Mayfair? - Blue or purple. Image taken from exeid.com, from a DannyUK.com article.

Mayfair in Monopoly - Blue or purple? Image taken from exeid.com.

I took to Twitter with a poll and was disappointed with the outcome.  What colour is Mayfair? Two-thirds of people say blue:

Monopoly - What colour is Mayfair? Taken from a DannyUK.com article.


Friday was also Black Friday, a day when Americans go mad and trample each other in an effort to get cheap goods in supermarkets while us Brits shrug our shoulders and buy stuff we don’t need from Amazon.

I’m no exception, and I now have a(nother) portable hard drive and some new memory for my laptop. Geeky, but good.

The kids were obviously in a mood to test me. They were in conversation with each other and asked aloud “What’s that game with the cheese?”. I tried to help. Mousetrap?

Nope, turns out they meant Trivial Pursuit and the cheese wedges that make up the playing piece.

One piece of good news is that Richard Herring is finally playing Chelmsford. After many years of me tweeting and emailing Chelmsford theatre to ask why they hadn’t booked him, they tweeted me to confirm that Herring is booked to play the Cramphorn Theatre in Chelmsford on 19th May.

As someone else tweeted to say, I could just make the trip to Colchester where he plays every year, or even to Southend where I have seen him before, but it’s far easier for me to get to Chelmsford!

Finally this week, it struck me that every now and then I am far more British than I realise. This was more by luck than judgement, but it still amused me.

I was driving for work and came up to a small crossing over a river. It had barriers either side which had been lowered. As I sat there, the bridge started to turn and I realised it was, in fact, a lock. There was a woman on the opposite side who was opening the lock to allow a small boat through.

Lock opens to allow a boat through - from a DannyUK.com article

The boat is on the left-hand side.

It struck me that this was almost quintessentially British, especially given the cold, damp day we were having. As if to drive home the point it just so happened that Radio 4 started playing the theme tune to The Archers.

All I was missing was a cup of tea.


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