How to remove the Bloglovin pop-up that appears on mobile devices

This post is aimed at the bloggers than the blog readers. How to remove the bloglovin pop-up that is so annoying on Twitter and Facebook on mobile devices.


If you’re not sure what I mean, then chances are that you either don’t use Bloglovin’ or - like me - you didn’t realise there was an issue.

Not sure what I mean? Let me show you.

You see a Bloglovin’ link whilst browsing Twitter on your phone…

How to remove the annoying Bloglovin' pop-up - From a article.

Ooooh, that looks interesting, I’ll just click on that link from my mobile….

You click on it to see the article…

How to remove the Bloglovin pop-up on Twitter - The pop-up itself - Taken from a article.

ARGGHHH! What the Hell is that taking up half of my screen?!

… and you are greeted with a big, black pop-up covering half the screen that you can’t remove.

I didn’t know about this until someone clicked on a Bloglovin’ link of mine and then complained to me about it.

After rooting through all of the settings and searching Google for a way to remove the Bloglovin’ pop up, I resorted to emailing Bloglovin’ direct (as the hadn’t replied to my plea on Twitter).

In fairness, the support team emailed me back fairly quickly. Their answer wasn’t what I was hoping for, though:



This is the built in display for users who aren’t bloglovin’ members yet accessing bloglovin’ content on a mobile device. I’m afraid there is no way to remove this for individuals profiles. I can see how it could come off as a bit aggressive. I’ll be sure to make a note and pass it on to our development team.


Thanks for the feedback!

So the answer as to how to remove the annoying Bloglovin’ pop-up on Twitter is a) The person has to be logged in to Bloglovin’ and then they won’t see it. And that’s it. There is no option b. You can’t choose to manually remove it.

It’s frustrating. I can’t believe that anyone not logged in to Bloglovin’ would choose to log in or sign up just to get rid of the screen-dominating bar, which only leads to a poorer experience for both user and blogger.

Hopefully Bloglovin’ will look into this and change it sooner rather than later.


by DannyUK

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