Santa’s draft Naughty and Nice list revealed!

by DannyUK

Children named Anna and Harry are most likely to be at the top of Santa’s ‘naughty and nice list’ this Christmas.


Research by School Stickers, leaders in school rewards, has revealed that children with these names are the most likely to be well behaved.

Girls called Leah and boys called Joseph appear to be more prone to naughtiness, however as this is only the ‘draft’ list kids still have a month to improve their behaviour!

You can’t help but feel sorry for Joseph - He always gets a rough ride at this time of year, what with not being able to find a room at an inn and being reduced to staying in a stable.  It’s odd that Mary isn’t on the list though!

Naughty and Nice list 2015 - Taken from an article by

The annual study revealed that boys called Harry, Ryan, Ethan, Lewis and Ben are the most likely to receive School Sticker’s rewards (for good behaviour in the classroom). But parents should be wary of naming their sons Joseph, James, Joshua, Luke or Samuel as these names appear least often among recipients (of rewards).

Mums and dads are more likely to have an easier time if they have a daughter called Anna, Courtney, Millie, Mia or Grace all names at the top of the School Stickers reward ‘league’. But if their little girl is named Leah, Eleanor, Jasmine, Abigail or Olivia, they could have trouble on their hands!

The Bens and Benjamins of this world get double delight as both names appear in the nicest boys list, despite pretty much being the same.

Having said that, the name Daniel appears on the naughty list, but I consider myself a good guy! I guess I’ll have to do some good deeds to get my present from Father Christmas this year!


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