#PrayForParis and a missed minutes silence

by DannyUK

Monday morning and I’ve woken from my slumber to drag my tired backside to Costa. Arriving through the doors of the coffee shop at 11 am, I asked loudly why this normally-vibrant place was so quiet.


“It’s a minutes silence.” someone said.

I remained quiet for the few seconds that remained and when it was over I asked the same person why there was a silence, and wasn’t Remembrance Day last Wednesday?

“It’s for Paris.” came the curt reply.

So now I feel like an idiot.

Pray for Paris - Charlie Hebdo artist, Joann Sfar - Taken from an article by DannyUK.com

The correct way to approach #PrayForParis in my opinion - By Pray for Paris - Charlie Hebdo artist, Joann Sfar.

I was up late last night watching reruns of Malcolm In The Middle. It hadn’t occurred to me until Lois, the mum in the series, was screaming at her kids, just how similar my parenting style is to hers. Scary really. I never envisaged being a shouty dad, but with four kids all at each others throats, I’m not surprised I am.

At least I went to bed with a smile on my face. A friend of mine had been having trouble with the pull switch in her bathroom, ad summed it up brilliantly in a Whatsapp by saying:

The light switch doesn’t work either so you have to stand there, yanking on the cord like an inexperienced schoolgirl.

It still makes me giggle as I write it out again now.

The only other mildly interesting (or rather infuriating) thing to happen this weekend was a prime example of why you should always pay attention to your sat nav.

The kids had begged to go to Lakeside on Sunday, and being the nice dad that I am, I eventually buckled and agreed.  We shot down the A12 and M25 in the car before hitting a mile-long tailback on the exit slip to Lakeside.

I looked at Waze which was telling me to come off at the exit, go across the roundabout and get to Lakeside that way.  Naturally I chose to ignore it, thinking I knew better.

Unfortunately, I was wrong.  By missing that turning, I was then forced to go over the Dartford river crossing toll bridge (at a cost of £2), come off at Junction 1, swing the car around and go back under the Thames through the Dartford tunnel, costing another £2.

Dartford river crossing toll bridge - Taken from an article by DannyUK.com

My (more expensive) route to Lakeside.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so annoyed at something costing £4!


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