My Sunday Photo - Monopoly Deal card game

by DannyUK

On Saturday morning Charisma, my eldest, announced that she had bought a card game for the family to play. Proudly producing Monopoly Deal from her pocket, she wanted us to play straight away.


We’d not long given my OAP mum a lift into town and she was pottering around doing the things that old ladies do when they go shopping (at a guess: moaning about the price of goods, declaring that everything good or bad was due to Christmas being around the corner and generally shuffling around in her own little world).

I’d ducked into Costa with the youngest and treated him to a Fudge Brownie Hot Chocolate and my own usual latte, and had been pretty much minding my own business when Charisma bounded in with her sister, Brooke, and launched into an explanation of why Monopoly Deal was such a great game.

That led to this photo - The four of us playing Monopoly Deal in a busy Costa on a Saturday. Note the instructions in the middle of the table which happened to go largely ignored as we took Charisma’s word on what the rules were.

My Sunday Photo - Monopoly Deal card game

The Monopoly Deal card game requires a fair bit of room to play!

The game took a little while to get through, but we still managed to do it before their nan met up with us, which was good. My son won, which he took great delight in, especially as it was the first time he had played.

I could take or leave the game in all fairness. It was fun, and I joined in with later games at home, but card games make me grow weary after a time. The kids seemed more than happy with the game, though, and I think providing they manage not to lose any of the cards (as they have done with most other card games) it could establish itself as a firm favourite.

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