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by DannyUK

Friday 13th. Unlucky for some. If you believe that claptrap, of course. Hopefully we are all adult enough to know that there is no such thing as good luck and bad luck, even though it’s sometimes comforting to think so.


I don’t have much in the way of plans for the weekend. The kids are over tonight and for once they reckon they have no plans. I still suspect that I will be running at least one of them to youth club tonight, though.

We’ve been invited over to Braintree to see the Christmas lights go up with Loz, which I think is on Saturday, and I dare say we will venture along to that.

A Christmas light switch-on is another one of those events that people seem to get excited about, but generally passes me by in a sea of apathy. I’m more interested in meeting up with Loz than seeing some local no-mark switch on some lights. Naturally I reserve the right to change my mind when it comes to the Chelmsford switch-on (in case I ever blog excitedly about it!)

I spent the best part of a week up on the Wirral with Mrs DannyUK, coming home on Wednesday. It still surprises me just how much I miss her when we are not together, even after our days were spent doing the food shop and our nights were spent watching tv.

I only returned home because work has finally booked me in something to do. For the first time in weeks, I had an appointment to go and see, and as it turned out it was in Bexley, just a stone’s throw from where I grew up.

Welling High Street has changed dramatically with the new Tesco store.  Taken from the article Back to Welling by Original image from

Welling High Street has changed dramatically with the new Tesco store. Original image from

It was weird going back. It was an area I left fifteen years ago, and though I have popped back a handful of times, I was still shocked at how much had changed. It was disheartening that the place I spent twenty years of my life had changed so much. For the first time, I realised why my elderly mum no longer wanted to go back to the East End where she grew up.

That’s not to say I don’t love where I live at the moment. Anyone reading the blog will see how often I bleat about Chelmsford. But it seems odd that Welling and Bexley have changed whereas in the back of my mind I guess I expected them to stay pretty much how I remembered them.

I think my Facebook status summed it up:

Back to Welling - Taken from a blog post by


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