How to annoy idiots online - You won’t believe number 4!!

by DannyUK

With Buzzfeed churning out lists of things that “you won’t believe” and the likes of Lads Bible blatantly nicking stuff and reposting it online, you have to ask why bother writing?


If you genuinely have something interesting to say, you’ll say it. But writing anything online leaves you open to being copied and someone else taking credit for your work. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ll see something on Reddit and then see exactly the same thing posted a couple of days later plastered all over Facebook by LadsBible without credit to the original author.

Let me just throw in a caveat here. I try to give credit when I can. It’s not always possible, and I accept that. What annoys me is the continued and deliberate failure to credit.

LadBible steals from Reddit - Original image by, from an article by

This meme from pretty much sums up my feelings for LadBible.

Worse than that is the blatant clickbait. You know the one. Articles that lure you in with the promise of “the most hilarious fail videos ever - you won’t believe what number 7 is!” only for you to churn your way through seven pages of crap to get to something which is mildly amusing at best.

Still, it gets page views, which in turn leads to more money through advertising, which is what they are after.

In an effort to blend in more, I offer you my Top 5 ways to annoy idiots online!

1) Tell them there is a list and that they should definitely read them all.
2) Make sure you mention how they “won’t believe number 4!!!” (The more exclamation marks, the better)
3) Put in a link for them to follow - Click here for Number 4 in how to confuse idiots online - You won’t BELIEVE it!!!

Sit back and wait for the inevitable comments and frustration as people miss the point / get annoyed / tell you something is broken.


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