Autoglass, mortgages and chocolate bonfires

by DannyUK

With work continuing to be slow, I decided to make a move to the Wirral a day earlier than planned this week.


I had booked off Thursday and Friday so that I could visit Mrs DannyUK but was able to make a move up early on Wednesday, covering off a couple of jobs en route and finally arriving on the peninsula at around 5 pm.

The Wirral was - and still is as I write this - cold and overcast. The drive from Essex out towards Oxford (yes, it was a convoluted route, but I’ve already said that I had stuff to do on the way up, pay attention!) was horrific due to the rain. For some reason, many drivers were happy to drive without their headlights on, meaning that the M25 and other busy roads were hazardous given the amount of spray and reduced visibility.

The chip that has been sitting on my windscreen for two or three weeks is slowly getting bigger, so I bit the bullet when I stopped for lunch and arranged an appointment for Autoglass to repair it at the end of the week. If several hours of driving does nothing else, it gives you time to think about all of the things that need doing.

After getting in and getting a cup of tea down me, we started on dinner. Neither Mrs DannyUK or I are great cooks, though what our cookery skills lack, we make up for in being able to dial in a takeaway. Despite working all day, Mrs DannyUK managed to throw together a curry which we sat down to eat with her two kids. If ever there was a popular meal in this household, it’s curry.

After that, her 10-year-old showed us how to make bonfire biscuits which she had learnt at guides, and before long we were all stuffing our faces with chocolate digestive / Cadbury Finger / marshmallow combinations.

Chocolate biscuit bonfires - note the hot embers and the ash around the fires. Taken from an article by

Chocolate biscuit bonfires - note the hot embers and the ash around the fires!

Having so much free time recently has given me the added incentive of doing the boring stuff just to keep busy. With that in mind, I have managed to get fairly up to date on getting things together for my tax return in January, which is nearly always something that is done last minute. I’ve got a spreadsheet organised with breakdowns of what I’ve spent money on for business and what I’ve gotten in. Seeing it all in writing makes you realise just how much money you can spend running a blog if you’re not careful.

I’ve also had time to try and get the mortgage sorted. After finding somewhere to live a couple of weeks or so ago, and having an offer almost immediately accepted, I have now entered the jump-through-hoops phase of getting a mortgage. Just when you think you have everything needed, something else crops up and you feel like you are back at square one.

On the plus side, every knockback and request that has come back has - so far - been dealt with and sent back. All being well things should start moving soon and then I’ll be in a position to get a moving date. Although I’m not counting my eggs until they have hatched, I was hoping to be moved by Christmas as there is no chain, but the reality is that I probably won’t be able to move until January, which is a shame as my tenancy ends in around a month or so. See? Problems, always problems.

Mrs DannyUK has a day off work today, so we have spent the day doing coupley things. We started with a trip to Aldi to get some food in, then we went for coffee at Costa to take in their Christmas range which has launched today. Shortly after that we headed home, had some “closed curtain” time together and now I’m sat typing this out while she fetches the kids.

MrsDannyUK messing about with a strawberry lace - Taken from an article by

MrsDannyUK messing about with a strawberry lace.

Autoglass called an hour or so ago to say that although we had booked an appointment for Friday, they were actually in the area today and could they pop over this afternoon to do the work. I LOVE companies that are proactive like this (and let’s be honest, the worst answer they would get would be a no, so they have nothing to lose by asking me.)

The guy from Autoglass duly turned up an hour or so later. I showed him the windscreen and admitted that I wasn’t sure he would be able to do the repair as the chip had a small crack which was started to spread. He looked at it and immediately agreed, saying that a windscreen replacement was needed. I was hoping to avoid that, given that even under the insurance it would still be an additional £70 or so, and though it didn’t need doing with any great urgency as the chip wasn’t in my line of sight, I figured it was best to get it done sooner rather than later.

A quick call to the office and Mr Autoglass had me booked in for a windscreen replacement on Saturday morning.

He laughed as he booked it in with the office staff over the phone before saying to me “it looks like you’re a regular customer!”. He’s not wrong, as in the past two years I must have had Autoglass out on four or five occasions to fix chips and replace the windscreen of the car. It’s getting to a point where I no longer bother cleaning the inside of the windscreen as chances are it will be replaced before it gets dirty.

Chocolate bonfires being eaten by DannyUK - Taken from an article by

Not sure what I was doing here. Probably trying to wind the kids up. The chocolate bonfires were lovely though.

Tomorrow I’m all alone for the working day as my other half returns to work, but it means that I can start going through the huge mountain of mortgage paperwork that came in the post the other day. Joy.

I can also take the time to catch up on some bits and pieces on the blog, primarily a competition to give away a copy of a YNAB license, which came my way.

If history tells me anything, though, it’s that I will get distracted by something else and up not doing the things I have planned.


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