“I look Swedish…”

by DannyUK

My flatmate was talking about how he feels he looks Swedish.


“When I went to Sweden,” he said to me, “everybody in the street that spoke to me, spoke in Swedish.”

He said this thinking it would be definitive proof that what he was saying was correct.

Alan Wake and Hugh - Taken from an article called I look Swedish by DannyUK.com

Alan and Hugh…

Given the fact that he looks English (which I appreciate is a rather sweeping statement, but there you go), it’s an odd thing for him to surmise.

“Do you find that when you’re in England, people in the street speak to you in English?” I asked.

He nodded.

“That’s because the people on the streets in England speak English, not because they think that you are from England… And when you went to Spain, they spoke Spanish at you?”

Another nod.

“Right, because they are Spanish. So when you go to Sweden…”

I think I was lucky he didn’t have anything nearby to throw at me, given the look on his face.


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