Being paid to sit at home

by DannyUK

It’s odd working for a company that is happy to pay you to sit at home doing nothing.


That probably sounds like a dream job to most, but the truth is that it’s boring.

For various reasons, work hasn’t been busy for months, and for the past three weeks we have been paid to sit at home while we wait for work to come in. That’s not too bad in itself as the company is paying us a basic wage, but seeing as I work in a sales role, I don’t do my job for the basic, I do it for the extra money I can earn on commission.

There is still commission coming through from previous months, though my pay packet is looking lighter every month, and the company is full of promises about how things will improve and that we are just around the corner from everything being back to normal. It’s hard, though.

It’s led to me looking at job sites, wondering whether I should think about moving.

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Having too much time on your hands leads you to posting daft pics up on Twitter.

The annoying thing is that I love my job. Even when I’m working long hours or driving hundreds of miles every day, and although there is a certain part of me that thinks the company may be fibbing when it says that better times are around the corner, there is a much bigger part of me that chooses to believe them, simply because they continue to pay out a basic wage for the dozen or so people that do my job around the country.

They wouldn’t continually pay out so much if they didn’t have lots of work lined up, right? (Right?!)

In the meantime, life carries on as normal. I have seen a flat that is for sale, had an offer accepted on it, and now am part-way through the horrible grind that is getting a mortgage.

My experience of mortgages tells me that you can provide everything a bank asks for, tick all of the boxes and they will STILL try and throw a spanner in the works, and that experience is no different now.

I applied to Nationwide, having gone through their “pre-approval” online system, got told that I met the criteria, and only when I actually went to finalise things did they then say that I didn’t meet the criteria, as there were questions omitted on the website.

Very annoying.

Thankfully I had already started talks with a mortgage advisor who is now liaising with another mortgage company to get things done. As much as I resent paying someone to sort out a mortgage for me, the price is worth it when they get to deal with the stress and strife of mortgage providers moving the goalposts.

All being well, I could be moving before Christmas. If it all falls through, then I still love the flat that I live in, and will happily carry on living there.


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