Facebook Gold

by DannyUK

If you’ve used Facebook in the past week or so you probably couldn’t have failed to notice the sheer volume of “Facebook Gold” or “Facebook Premium” related posts.


In other words, any post that mentions how Facebook will begin charging soon, how they will make all of your private posts into public ones, or even that they will sell your photos on.

I’m amazed in this day and age that people still fall for this rubbish.

It’s like in the early days of the internet when you’d receive an email saying how Bill Gates was tracking the progress of that email and that he would be paying everybody that forwarded it on a cash reward.

If you haven’t got a clue what I’m on about, then lucky you. Perhaps you have a select group of Facebook friends who haven’t fallen for this rubbish.

However, I’d hate for you to miss out so I’ve put some screenshots below.

This is the first one that popped up. Bizarrely the amount changed from dollars to pounds in some statuses. It’s even written badly. “Facebook has just released his entry price.” That doesn’t make sense. It’s as bad as the sentence that follows: “$5.99 to keep the subscription gold of your status of life “private” “. I mean, what?!

Facebook Gold. This is the original status update about Facebook Gold that was doing the rounds. Taken from an article by DannyUK.com

The original status that started doing the rounds.

I can only assume that someone, somewhere decided to post this next status update and put the time and date that they’d posted it. That’s the only reason I can think why it has such a specific time on it.

Facebook Gold - The second one that started doing the rounds. Such a specific time doesn't even make any sense. From an article on DannyUK.com

The second one that started doing the rounds. Such a specific time doesn’t even make any sense.

Of course, after a couple of days the Facebook Gold status updates gave way to the more sarcastic ones:

If you're worried about Facebook Gold, you'd best change your zombie settings too. From an article by DannyUK.com

Sarcasm. I love it. I wonder how many people believed this? I bet there were a few.

But the frustrating thing is that on the sign-up (and sign-in) page, Facebook clearly states that they will never charge.

Maybe they need to add it in bold so that it’s at the top of every screen you use.

Facebook Gold - Facebook is free and always will be. From an article by DannyUK.com

Facebook has had this on their sign-in page for as long as I can remember. “Free and it always will be.”

It makes no sense for Facebook to move to a model that charges users. Facebook makes a hell of a lot of money by advertising on the site and by sharing the details of the people that use it. Yes, you could well post that you don’t want them to, but you’ve already agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions of Facebook when you signed up for it, and your continued use of the site grants your continued agreement to stick to those terms.

Mind you, if you’re feeling fed up, please feel free to nick the header at the top of this post to fool your friends into thinking that there is indeed such a thing as Facebook Gold.


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