My Sunday Photo - Junior Spartan Race

by DannyUK

Last Sunday my youngest daughter, Brooke, took part in the Junior Spartan Race in Hastings.


If you’ve never heard of it, the Spartan Race is an obstacle course set over a number of kilometers. There’s a Junior Spartan Race which Brooke entered which is around 2km long.

If you don’t come out of the race filthy dirty then you’ve done something wrong!

Running, walking and crawling are all part of the course as you dive over, under and around various objects.

With a 5.30am start, I thought that Brooke may be too tired, but it seems she was more than up for the challenge of being a Junior Spartan as the photo below shows.

Well done, Brooke!

Brooke after the Junior Spartan Race

Brooke after the Junior Spartan Race

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