Planning an abandoned tube station tour

by DannyUK

Mrs DannyUK and I are well known in our group of friends and family for odd tourist things. We’ve just finished planning an abandoned tube station tour for next year and I can’t wait.


It’s my birthday in January and I noticed last night on the brilliant Ian Visits site that London Underground have announced an abandoned tube station tour at some of their old stations.

I know it’s geeky and not to everyone’s taste, but the girlfriend and I love this kind of odd stuff, so at the end of January we will be going to one of the tours.

abandoned tube station tour - image from

An abandoned Aldwych - image from

We’ve been to similar events in the past, most notably the Brunel’s Thames Tunnel tour last year, and found it strangely interesting hearing about the past of the tunnel and the stations.

If you fancy doing the tours, you can get tickets from the London Transport Museum, though experience tells me that they get sold out pretty quickly!


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