Caroline Flack nipple photo

It might be the fact that I’ve had a couple of drinks that this has amused me so much. (I promise it’s not the Caroline Flack nipple itself that has caused the giggling)

It may even be the fact that my best friend did something similar accidentally on SnapChat.


I’m even willing to admit that I once posted a My Sunday Photo picture that made the same kind of mistake. (Note the stupidly early time and the reflection that shows my bare legs - This has since been edited after the original showed more than I was intending it to!)

Whatever it is, for some reason, Caroline Flack posting a photo on Instagram to show off her new hair, and accidentally showing her nipple has really made me giggle.

It seems that she was very quickly informed of her mistake, and the photo was taken down extremely quickly (in a move which reminded me of the time that Russell Brand posted a picture of Katy Perry without makeup on Twitter and then very swiftly removed it)

Katy Perry without make-up

The make-up free Katy Perry picture that Russell Brand posted to Twitter and then removed shortly afterwards

Unlike Katy Perry, Caroline Flack quickly posted another photo and I’ve posted the cropped photo below.

I’ve also made an editorial decision not to show the original photo, though in true tabloid-style I will merely post a link so you can all have a look for yourselves and I can pretend to be vaguely virtuous.

caroline flack nipple photo cropped


You can see the Caroline Flack nipple photo here, if you so desire, completely uncropped and mildly disappointing, courtesy of Zoo Magazine who had the sense to take a screenshot of it.

If, for any reason (such as an impending closure of the magazine) the image becomes available, leave a comment and I shall post it up myself,

by DannyUK


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