The perfect French Martini recipe

by DannyUK

We’re massive cocktail fans in this house, and I’m pleased to bring you - after much research - the perfect French Martini recipe.

After practically drinking our way through London over the past few visits, Mrs DannyUK and I think we can recognise a decent French Martini when we see one.


Unfortunately, we also recognise the hit that our bank balances take when we drink them.

On Saturday, we thought we’d finally plunge head-first into things and try to make our own.

Armed with the basic ingredients, a cocktail shaker and several different recipes, we started making and testing cocktails to see which was best.

It didn’t take too long before we both agreed that we had hit the perfect French Martini recipe, and although we’d made mistakes in getting there - too much vodka being the biggest one - the final result was worth it.

French Martini - Ingredients

This is what you’ll need though you don’t have to try and arrange yours quite so arty-fartily.

You only need three main ingredients for the perfect French Martini recipe:

Pineapple juice



It’d also be handy to have some ice though we cheated and simply stuck the vodka in the freezer, which worked just as well.

French Martini - Ingredient list

Three main ingredients (little love note to your other half is entirely optional!)

For one cocktail, you need 25ml each of the vodka and the Chambord, and 75ml of pineapple juice.  After we had settled on the final quantities, it was easy to round up and make several drinks at once.  In our 600ml cocktail shaker, we were able to fit the ingredients for four drinks.

Less mixing time means more drinking time!

Simply put all of the ingredients into your cocktail shaker, add ice if you feel so inclined, and shake thoroughly. You’ll need to shake well in order to get the frothy head.

French Martini - The final drink

French Martini - The final drink!

That’s pretty much all you need.  Of course, you could add a raspberry on a cocktail stick to really achieve the polished presentation.

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Finally, sit back and enjoy your perfect French Martini.  Or, if you happen to be making one for Mrs DannyUK, ask her to pose with a glass of it, as I did.


Cheers! (Posed by Mrs DannyUK)


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