Doughnut Productions - A unique theatre experience

by DannyUK

Doughnut Productions offer a truly unique theatre experience, being the only theatre in existence with 4 stages and swivel seats for the audience to give you a 360-degree viewing platform.


Following an impressive debut earlier this year presenting two contrasting pieces of new writing, the studio has moved to East London for two new pieces.

Doughnut Productions - Acting

Mid-performance, and at the heart of the audience, the productions are unique in allowing action on - and off - of four separate stages.

Kate Austen, actor and co-founder of the Doughnut Productions, speaks passionately about her company:

The Doughnut Theatre is about to embark on our second production and are being housed in 3 Mills Film Studios Stratford, East London.


We focus mainly on new writing, some our own and others the work of writing interns.


The first production back in April this year was a great success having almost a full sell out run.


We gave the audience feedback forms on the space and have since been working on making the space bigger, better and more comfortable for the audience.

Both new plays have been inspired by feedback that was given at the previous shows, which reveals that the interactive feel runs through the core of the company and doesn’t merely stop with the unique viewing platform that immerses the audience within the play.

Doughnut Productions - Overview of the original set-up

An overview of the original set-up, clearly showing the audience seating.

Running from Wednesday 16th September to Saturday 19th September, the two new productions being put on are as follows:


Written by Christina Alagaratnam

Ever wondered what secrets lurk behind the wrought iron gates of Darkridge Asylum?

For one night only, sensational medium Alec Black goes behind the padded walls of the Victorian asylum and attempts to do what no one else has done before.

He’s going to speak to the one inhabitant who reined carnage on the asylum till the very end… notorious serial killer… Freddie ‘The Butcher’ Jackson.

Doughnut Productions - Dark Ridge and The Right Path

Darkridge and The Right Path

The Right Path

Written by Andrew Cooper and Kate Austen

Choosing the right path in life can be a daunting task.

If you could see into the future would you stay true to your ambitions?

Jo and Mark have hit a major crossroads do they stay, go or split?

Either way their lives will never be the same again.


Tickets are on sale already, and demand has been high, so act quickly if you want to get to a performance.

Tickets to each show can be purchased online for £12, or a bargain £20 for tickets to both, or if you prefer to buy tickets on the door then you can email with your chosen show time.

The official Doughnut Productions website is


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