by DannyUK

Despite dating for years now, Mrs DannyUK and I are still in the honeymoon phase of our relationship. (That is - perhaps - the one benefit of a long-distance relationship!)

When we get together, or even when we have a chance to talk on the phone, we never seem to run out of things to say. It’s one of the things that makes me feel she is the perfect woman for me.

There seems to be constant laughter between us - especially when we sit and listen to recorded snippets of our conversations on Owly.


We talk about the kids, the weather, our jobs. I happened to mention in passing that my nickname from Tasha is DangerMouse, for reasons too silly to get into.

I also mentioned to feeling a little down in the dumps in recent weeks, something I don’t normally share with people.

This week, an unexpected knock on the door by a guy with a massive package (oo-er!) caused a couple of minutes of confusion.

I took the parcel inside, opened it up and was greeted with this:

Balloon Baboon DangerMouse

“He’s the greatest. He’s fantastic! Wherever there is danger he’ll be there…”

It’s from Balloon Baboon and has put a massive smile on my face all week, more so when Mrs DannyUK revealed she had been (and I quote) “drunk in charge of a keyboard” when she ordered it, and the following day had to call Julie at Balloon Baboon to make sure she hadn’t in fact ordered it three times or more!


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