Five Guys burgers NOT coming to Chelmsford

Yesterday’s blog post indicated that the burger chain Five Guys would be coming to Chelmsford soon.

As I said in that post, that news was welcomed but should be treated with a pinch of salt given the odd way in which it was announced.


As I mentioned, it was set up as a personal account rather than a business or fan page, which was odd. It was also using graphics and logos that were grainy and poor quality, which is not something you’d expect a big business would do.

Five Guys Chelmsford Facebook profile

This is how the Five Guys Chelmsford Facebook profile looked before it was taken down.

I was looking forward to having a local Five Guys, so I tweeted the official Five Guys UK Twitter team to see if it was for real, and they replied saying that it wasn’t true.

In fact, no sooner had they replied (which was only a couple of hours after I tweeted), the Facebook page was pulled.

Five Guys Chelmsford hoax

Confirmation from the official Five Guys UK Twitter page that it was a hoax.

It’s a shame as they would have been a nice fit in the city.

I dare say that we won’t have to wait too long before they decide to join us, given the speed at which they are opening new stores, and just how fast Chelmsford city centre is growing with the John Lewis development.

For now, we still have plenty of places to eat in the City Centre. In fact, I may just visit Chop Bloc this week to get my good burger fix!

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by DannyUK


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