Will we see a Five Guys Chelmsford store?

Are we about to see a Five Guys Chelmsford branch? Hot on the heels of fellow American food joints, Dunkin’ Donuts and Taco Bell, the city is set to welcome another big name. 

There’s a rumour going around that Five Guys are due to open in Chelmsford, and if that’s true, it’s another welcome addition.

If you’ve never tried a Five Guys burger, they have a reputation for being amongst the best-tasting burgers around, and the couple of occasions I’ve tried them, they’ve been superb (if a little pricey!)

Five Guys Chelmsford, Essex

Since opening their first UK store in Covent Garden only a couple of years ago, Five Guys have grown rapidly in the UK, and as I write this they currently boast thirty stores throughout the UK.

Although they only list Thurrock and Harlow as their existing sites and Cambridge being the only one in the East of England, Chelmsford would seem like the next logical step as the company continues to spread across the country.


It should be pointed out that this news has only originated from this Facebook profile published yesterday (and it’s a profile that has been made as a person, rather than a business, which seems odd), so perhaps take the news with a pinch of salt.

It seems odd that the news would have leaked this way rather than via press releases or the Essex Chronicle, which is normal how we find out about the newest stores set to open.

Will we see a Five Guys Chelmsford store some time soon?  I hope so, though I won’t let my hopes get too high until we have some confirmation from an official channel!

Update:  There has since been more news on this.  You can read the latest on Five Guys Chelmsford here.

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by DannyUK


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